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Cee-Lo Dice Game | Rules & Gameplay

Believed to have been created in the 1890s, Cee-Lo is a historic dice game and a great choice if you’re looking for something different for a game night. Dice games used to be very popular, and while they aren’t quite as common these days, they are still plenty of fun!

What is The Cee-Lo Dice Game?

What is The Cee-Lo Dice Game

Cee-Lo is usually classed as a banking game; now, that might make you instantly think of Monopoly. But this is a dice game and designed for quick game sessions. While it can be played with Poker chips, you don’t technically need to bet anything to play.

Another interesting part of the Cee-Lo dice game is that it doesn’t have one standard ruleset. There are various rule sets used all around the world, and you can even come up with your own if you prefer.

To play this game, you’ll need three dice, and you can also use Poker chips; they aren’t essential but make the game more fun. There is no set number of people needed to play Cee-Lo, although you’ll need at least two people.

We think it works best with about four-six people. If you enjoy games like Three Man Dice, then you will be sure to enjoy playing. Cee-Lo works best as a warm-up game, but while the game is simple, it is pretty addictive (in a good way), so you could easily play for hours.

It’s a great game to play if you’re getting a little bored of group card games like Poker and Rummy. Before we look at the many different rule sets you can use to play the Cee-Lo dice game, let’s take a quick look at what you’ll need to play.

What You’ll Need to Play?

The first thing you’ll need to play Cee-Lo is some dice. Now while you might be able to get some from board games you already have, we think it’s best to get some special ones! This 10-Pack of Colorful Dice would make a great choice.

10-Pack of Colorful Dice

While you only need three dice to play Cee-Lo, it’s always good to have some spares. Dice are easy to lose, after all! We also recommend getting some Poker chips to play with as well. This set of 100 colorful Poker Chips would make a fine choice.

100 Colorful Poker Chips

Rules and Gameplay

Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

To win in Cee-Lo, you need to get a winning roll. While some people may argue otherwise, this game is all down to luck! You either get a good roll or a bad one. But if you’re playing with chips, you will have to bet carefully, meaning there is some strategy involved. So let’s take a look at how you play in more detail.

The Set-Up

The only set-up work required in this game is to choose a banker. This is quite simple: and you only select the banker for the first round. To do this, have every player roll one dice; the player with the highest roll is the baker.

If two (or more) players get the same number, they should roll again till one player has the highest number. Once the baker has been decided, you can start playing Cee-Lo. Under most rule sets, the banker will change each round.

Playing Cee-Lo

Cee-Lo is a very versatile game, and you can use a wide range of different rule sets. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common rule sets you can use. Before playing, make sure each player (including the banker) is given a stack of Poker chips if you’re playing with them.

Each player should have the same number of chips. We think 5 – 10 chips work best, but you can use any number you like.

Standard Rules

Starting with the banker, each player should roll their three dice. The objective is to get the best combination on your turn. The banker can choose to roll all three dice together or one at a time. Before they take their turn, each player should make their bet.

Depending on the combination, the banker can either get an instant win, an instant loss, score points or get a dead roll. We’ll outline how all these work below.

Instant Win

If the banker rolls an instant win, well, they win! This means they’ll collect any chips bet and also lead the next round as the banker once again. Three types of combinations can lead to an instant win.

  • A 4-5-6.
  • A 3-of-a-kind.
  • Any pair and a 6.

Instant Loss

An instant loss is the worst roll you can get. If you do roll one of the instant loss combinations, you lose, and the player to your left becomes the banker for the next round.

  • A 1-2-3.
  • Any pair and a 1.

Score Points

Now, this is where things get interesting; if the banker rolls one of these combinations, they instead score points. After rolling, play moves to the player on the banker’s left, who will then take their turn. They follow the same rules and could win, lose, score points, or roll a dead roll.

  • A pair and a 2.
  • A pair and a 3.
  • A pair and a 4.
  • A pair and a 5.

Dead Roll

A dead roll is any dice combination not listed above. If you roll one of these combinations, you take your turn again until you get a win, loss, or score points.

Reverse Rules

The reverse rules are a fun twist to classic Cee-Lo games. The “Score Points” and “Dead Roll” rules are the same. But the “Instant Win” and “Instant Loss” rules are switched. If you’re looking to change things up, give these rules a try.

Cee-Lo – A Classic, Historic Dice Game!

Cee-Lo is a great example of how classic, simple, but fun games can endure for more than a century! This dice game is plenty of fun, and you should give it a try on your next game night.

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