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Best Mahjong Table Reviews: Buyer’s Guide

What makes the best Mahjong table? In our opinion, it’s a combination of size, style, and functionality. 

A game often likened to Rummy, Mahjong requires four players to get a serious game going, so that table has to be big enough for all four players to sit around comfortably without feeling too crammed in. What’s more, since most tables are fairly large, it definitely helps if they look the part, blending in with the aesthetic appeal of their surroundings rather than standing out like an ugly eyesore.

Finally, there’s functionality to consider, with the best automatic Mahjong tables taking the hard work out of setting up your game and letting you get on with the action much sooner.

In today’s guide, we review the ten tables we believe meet all three criteria better than any others, but first, let’s familiarise ourselves with this classic tile game.

What is Mahjong?


A popular alternative to modern dominos, Mahjong sees four players compete to be the first to get all of their 14 tiles into four neat sets and a pair.

Unlike Chinese Checkers, which, despite its name, was invented in Germany back in the 19th century, Mahjong has legitimate Chinese roots, dating all the way back to the famous Quing Dynasty before being introduced around the world throughout the 20th century.

Today, the game is perhaps best known as an online game, with an abundance of digital platforms all offering their own unique take on this ancient classic. Yet that doesn’t mean that the traditional, physical version of Mahjong doesn’t still hold strong appeal. 

Both standard and automatic Mahjong boards continue to sell well around the world, proving a hit among gaming fans who still want the authentic experience of playing the game the way it was always meant to be played.

Whether you’ve recently discovered the online version of Mahjong and want to try out the real-world game for the first time, or you’re a seasoned player simply looking to upgrade, you’ll find our pick of the ten very best boards on the market all reviewed below.

Top Ten Best Mahjong Tables

1.WPYST Four-Legged Mahjong Gaming Table Automatic
2.U.A.A Inc Wooden Mahjong Table Standard 
3.Automatic Mahjong Table with WheelsAutomatic
4.Flash Furniture White Folding Game Table Standard
5.ZOUJUN Portable Mini Mahjong Table Standard 
6.Japanese Riichi Automatic Mahjong Table Automatic
7.Treyo C300S Automatic Mahjong TableAutomatic 
8.Liap Inflatable Floating Mahjong TableStandard
9.Portable Mahjong TableStandard
10.Wooden Folding Mahjong Game Table Standard

1. WPYST Four-Legged Mahjong Gaming Table 

WPYST Four-Legged Mahjong Gaming Table

There’s so much to like about this truly gorgeous gaming table from WPYST that it’s difficult to know where to start. So, let’s start with the table’s biggest selling point: automatic shuffling.

As any experienced player will tell you, traditional Mahjong requires an awful lot of time spent mixing up those tiles before the game can commence, often resulting in tired arms and time wasted that could be better spent on getting stuck into the action.

An automatic Mahjong table eliminates that problem by doing all of the tile-mixing for you. With this particular table, a simple push-button operation shuffles tiles for you, while another button automatically rolls the dice to get your game underway in seconds.

Still, that’s only the beginning. A table truly built for the modern age, this one includes not only the usual drawer that most Mahjong tables come with, but also a cup holder, phone holder, and even a USB charger, making it a great choice for those long game nights. 

Such features definitely make this one stand out from the crowd, but let’s be honest, what really matters when it comes to buying any gaming table or equipment is the quality of its design and manufacture.

Fortunately, this table more than holds its own in that regard too. 

Standing 31″ tall, the table is as strong and solid as any we’ve come across, and even comes with an attractive wooden tabletop cover so that you can concert your Mahjong table into a standard side table when you’re done with it.

This combination of durable build and modern features earns this the top spot on our list and makes it a worthy addition to any game room.

2. U.A.A Inc Wooden Mahjong Table 

While having a dedicated table solely for playing Mahjong might be ideal if that’s your game of choice, for those who enjoy mixing things up on game night, this 35″ x 35″ wooden reversible Mahjong table from U.A.A Inc may be just the thing.

The table can be flipped, reversed, and adjusted to provide a suitable playing surface for everything from poker and Paigow to your favorite dice games, dominos, and more. 

Still, we’re focussing purely on Mahjong in today’s guide, and in that respect, this well-built table certainly holds its own. 

One of the larger tables out there, it’s decent size makes it better suited for adult players, while the smooth, round edges make it a safe option for any child-friendly home.

All of the standard Mahjong table features are built-in as standard, including a tough, green nylon mesh cover and the usual four drawers for players to keep their tiles in during play. You’ll also get a full stack of 146 Mahjong tiles, dice, and colored chips.

We also like that it’s a foldable table, meaning you don’t have to assemble it every time you want to play. The strong, wooden legs attach once and can simply be tucked underneath the tabletop for easy storage when not in use. 

3. Automatic Mahjong Table With Wheels 

Automatic Mahjong Table with Wheels

If there’s a better-looking Mahjong table out there right now, we’ve yet to come across it. Sturdy, solid, and effortlessly stylish, this thin, automatic Mahjong table with wheels would take pride of place in any games room, even when positioned next to a luxury pool table

Not that this 41.5″ tall table is all style and no substance. 

A breeze to install, you can use it to set up and begin playing in no time. Meanwhile, the automatic tile mixing feature means you don’t have to waste precious minutes of gameplay shuffling the 144, 40mm tiles that come with it. Just press the button, let the table mix those tiles for you, and get your game underway. 

The wheels are also a nice touch, making it easy to move the table around to a convenient location, though our favorite feature is the ultra-slim design which makes the whole thing a joy to play on. 

All in all, this table offers a winning combination of aesthetic appeal, lasting durability, and ease of use that makes it a great choice for any serious Mahjong player.

4. Flash Furniture White Folding Game Table 

Our pick of the best budget-friendly table around, this simple, no-frills folding game table from Flash Furniture may not have many of the bells and whistles that other higher-priced tables come with, but that’s all part of its charm. 

Instead of fancy features, Flash Furniture have focussed here on what’s truly important:

A solid, sturdy table that’s built to last and provides everything you’d need to enjoy hours of Mahjong gameplay. 

To that end, this table definitely delivers, and we’re convinced that you won’t find a better quality table for the same affordable price anywhere.

Sure, it may not look like much, but don’t let that fool you. It gets the job done as well as any table out there, with a smooth, high-quality green felt table cover and dedicated space at each side of the table to line up your tiles during play. 

It’s folding legs and lightweight design make it a great option for anyone looking for a portable table, yet it’s still heavy enough to give you the utmost confidence in its durability.

5. ZOUJUN Portable Mini Mahjong Table 

Heading out on a trip but fed up with the same old travel games and can’t get even a single person enthused enough to join you for a few two-person card games? This portable Mahjong table from Zoujun may be just the thing.

The best option for playing Mahjong on the move, this tiny table measures just 7.9″ tall by 16.5″ inch wide. Though that may make it a little impractical for serious Mahjong aficionados, it does mean that it’s small enough to be easily packed away and carried around. 

What we really like about this one is the unique design. The table itself folds up after use to serve as a carry case for the included Mahjong tiles, the table legs, and other essentials. 

6. Japanese Riichi Automatic Mahjong Table 

Another beautifully designed table, this Japanese Riichi Automatic Mahjong Table boasts a stunning, mahogany-finish, and tough tabletop cover which means it’s sure to be a focal point of any room its placed in.

At its heart, the game was designed for the Japanese version of Mahjong but comes with a simple code-based system which means you can swap things around to play either the traditional Chinese version or even the modern American variant on this timeless classic.

A standard set of 148 Mahjong tiles comes included, as do several enticing extras such as an automatic dice roller and handy USB charging stations, phone holders, and drink holders.

Weighing in at some 22 lbs, this isn’t exactly the lightest tablet on the market, so it may not be ideal if you were planning to travel around with it and take your table to the park, the bar, or a friend’s house. However, it does come with four fully-rotating wheels which can be locked into place, ideal for when you need to move your table around your home.

If you’re serious about your gaming and looking for a quality investment that’s likely to last you for years to come, this one should definitely be on your radar.

7. Treyo C300S Automatic Mahjong Table with Tiles

Treyo C300S Automatic Mahjong Table

Built from an environmentally-friendly plastic with a resilient fabric tabletop, Treyo’s automatic Mahjong table certainly looks the part and would make just as attractive an addition to your home as any of the higher-priced wooden varieties.

Though it lacks the nifty extras that some tables come with (USB chargers and drinks holders, for example), such features have never really been part of the authentic Mahjong experience, so you can still enjoy the game to its fullest without them. What this one does include is all the features that you’d expect from a quality automatic table, including automated tile shuffling and dice throwing. 

Easily adaptable for playing both the Chinese and American versions of the game, this large table is another heavy-duty option that doesn’t exactly lend itself well to portability but does look great -and function flawlessly- as a fixed centerpiece of your game room.

8. Liap Inflatable Floating Mahjong Table

You love playing Mahjong, but it’s also the middle of summer and there’s no way you want to be stuck inside all day. 

If that problem sounds familiar, then you’ll probably be both pleased and amused to discover this floating Mahjong table from Liap, complete with four inflatable seats. Designed to let you take your favorite game out to the pool, the 53″ x 53″ table can be inflated using any standard pump, while the seats can be unattached to serve as general pool floats.

Sure, it’s a novelty item, but it’s built just as well as any good quality pool inflatable, meaning you’ll get hours of fun out of it no matter whether you’re playing Mahjong or using the included set of chips and plastic playing cards to get into a pool-based poker game.

9. Portable Mahjong Table

Portable Mahjong Table

If you always thought that portable gaming tables had to be cheap, ugly, plastic products that eschewed any sense of aesthetic appeal in favor of low-budget practicality, then we’d like to introduce you to this handsome Mahjong table made from smooth, solid pine with sturdy steel legs.

Measuring 35″ x 35″ x 29.5″, it looks just as good as any of the bigger tables and combines all the strength you’d usually only get from a higher-value table with a lightweight design and folding legs that make it easy to pack up, pick up, and carry around with you.

On the downside, this is one of the only Mahjong tables we’ve featured in this list that doesn’t come with its own set of Mahjong tiles, so you’ll have to buy those separately if you’re new to the game.

On the plus side, however, we love that this versatile table can be easily adapted for playing everything from Ship, Captain and Crew to dominos and a host of card games, making it a great choice if you like the idea of playing Mahjong but not the idea of owning a separate table for every kind of game you play.

10. Wooden Folding Mahjong Game Table 

No products found.

Much like the portable table above, this wooden folding Mahjong game table doesn’t come with a set of Mahjong tiles. Though that’s likely to rule it out as an option for those new to the game, experienced players with their own set of tiles could do far worse than choose this one as a replacement or upgrade for their existing table. 

After all, even though it doesn’t include the tiles themselves, it does include all of the other features you’d expect from a quality Mahjong table, including drawers to hold your tiles, smooth-yet-strong nylon mesh tabletop cover, and, most importantly of all, enough room for all four players to sit comfortably around the table. 

Although designed for Mahjong, the simplistic layout works well for playing cards, dice-based games, or even as a suitable surface for your favorite board games.

The table’s strength and durability are reflected in its substantial size and weight, and although that doesn’t make it a great portable option, it does serve as a fantastic option if you’re looking to make Mahjong a permanent part of your game room.

Mahjong Table Buyer’s Guide


You’ve read our pick of the ten best Mahjong tables out there, but how did we make our decisions? More importantly, what should be looking out for when it comes to buying a table of your own?

Here’s some of the key factors you’ll want to consider before spending your hard-earned money on a new game table: 

Standard vs. Automatic Mahjong Tables 

To play Mahjong properly, you first need to spend plenty of time mixing up those tiles. Although it’s necessary, all that time you’re tile-shuffling is time you’re not spending playing the actual game. 

It’s for this reason that automatic Mahjong tables have exploded in popularity in recent years, doing all the hard work of tile shuffling (and dice-throwing) for you in a matter of seconds so that you can spend more time getting your game underway. 

If that sounds like a good idea to you, then an automatic table may be the way to go, but keep in mind that these types of tables tend to be much more expensive than the standard, manual Mahjong tables. 

As such, going for a standard table often proves the better option for those on a modest budget, but that does mean you’ll have to shuffle those tiles the hard way.


Another drawback of automatic tables is that they tend to be pretty big and much heavier than standard tables. Combined with their typically attractive design features, this makes them a great choice if you’re looking to make a Mahjong table a permanent part of your home, but not so great if you’re after something that can be easily folded away, put into storage, and carried around with you. 

If you were planning to meet friends in the park for a few games or perhaps take your set on vacation with you, then you’d be much better off with one of the foldable Mahjong tables featured in our guide.

Full Mahjong Kits vs. Table-Only Sets 

Throughout our top ten guide, we tried to include as many Mahjong tables as possible that come with a complete set of tiles. That way, buying one means that you’ve got everything you need to start playing this classic game, even if you’ve never so much as held a Mahjong tile before.

For those new to the game, this is definitely the best way to go as buying a table and the tiles separately can often work out to be more expensive.

However, if you’re already a seasoned player and simply need to upgrade your old table, then choosing a table-only option like the wooden folding table we ranked at number ten may prove to be a more cost-effective option.

Which is the Best Mahjong Table For Your Money?


With all that being said, which of our top ten picks should you actually spend your money on?

In our estimation, there really is nothing better than our first-placed pick, the automatic Mahjong gaming table from WPYST. Not only is it a beautifully designed product that would serve as a striking focal point in any gaming room, it also comes with useful bonus features such as USB charging ports, phone holders and drink holders so that you’ve got everything you need to stay comfortable and connected during those lengthy game nights. 

Prefer to save some money with a standard table? Then the U.A.A’s wooden mahjong table with tiles is certainly worth your attention. Large enough for four adult players to sit comfortably around the table and durable enough to provide years of enjoyment, the only downside to it is that it doesn’t come with automatic tile shuffling. Still, if you’re after a more authentic Mahjong experience, this may be exactly what you’re looking for.


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