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The Beer Ball Drinking Game: Rules and How To Play ?

I’m sure most people know Beer Pong, but what about the Beer Ball drinking game? This game is a “hidden gem” and quite underrated, in our opinion. This is a shame because it’s simple to play and a lot of fun!

Beer Ball is similar to Beer Pong and Snappa in some respects but has its own unique characteristics. The game is very fast-paced, so ideal for those quick gaming sessions, and it makes a great outdoor garden game.

What is The Beer Ball Drinking Game?

Beer Ball is usually played with 4, 6, or 8 people. It’s a team game like Rage Cage, and both teams need to have the same number of players to ensure fair things. Playing the game is quite simple, but you will (ideally) require a large table to play on.

Each team should be situated at each end of the table, and because this is a drinking game, you’ll need some cans of beer! For example, if you are playing with four people, each team will need two cans of beer.

If you have three people on each team, then you’ll have three cans and so on. The teams can position the cans on their side of the table in any way they like. Now the fun and challenge of Beer Ball come with the next step.

In this game, each team will take turns throwing a ping pong ball. Then, each team aims to hit the opposing team’s beer cans. If a can is hit, then you should immediately take it and start drinking.

However, the team can stop you by grabbing the ping pong ball and slamming it on the table! Once this is done, you should immediately stop drinking and play moves to the other team. The first team to drink all the opposing team’s beers will win!

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play this fun and fast-paced game, you’ll need a few things. The most important is, of course, some cans of beer and a ping pong ball. Of course, any beer can be used, but something light will probably be the best option.

Ping pong balls come in many different sizes and colors and are usually easy to find in shops and online. These neon-colored balls from Amscan would make a great choice. Remember, you should only use one ball in the game.

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While it isn’t strictly a piece of equipment, you will need a big enough playing surface to play Beer Ball. Ideally, this should be a large table. This makes this fun game an excellent choice for a garden game, as long as you have the space.

How to Play the Beer Ball Drinking Game?

How to Play the Beer Ball Drinking Game?

The Aim of The Game

The aim of the Beer Ball is quite simple! You want to be the first team to drink all the opposing team’s beers. Now, this might sound easy, but since you need to be quick, you likely will end up missing a lot of the time.

But this is all part of the fun, and like many other drinking games winning and losing doesn’t matter all that much! So, let’s first look at how you set the game up, and then we’ll outline exactly how you play.

The Set-Up

Beer Ball is very fast-paced and straightforward to play, but it does require a bit of set-up work. So the first thing to do is separate into teams. Beer Ball can be played with four, six, or eight people.

Each team will need an equal number of players and some cans of beer. The number of cans you’ll need should be equal to the number of players on each team. For example, if you’re playing with four people, that’s two people to a team. So, each team will need two cans of beer.

Teams can place the cans on their side of the table however they like. However, if you want to ensure things are fair, you can measure the table you’re playing on first and use some tape to separate it into two halves.

Once the teams have been agreed and the beer cans are in position, you need to decide who goes first. There are several different ways you can do this. But we find the best way to decide is to flip a coin.

The Rules

When it’s your team’s turn, you’ll need to throw the Ping Pong ball at the opposing team’s beer cans. While there is no timer involved, Beer Ball is a very fast-paced game. So, it would be best if you didn’t take too long to position your shots.

It’s not strictly against the rules but is against the spirit of the game! If you hit a beer can, then you should immediately take it and start drinking. The team that’s not throwing the ball will need to quickly pick up the Ping Pong ball and slam it down on the table.

Once the ball has hit the table, you should stop drinking. The first team to drink the opposing team’s beers wins! Whether you’re actively throwing the ball or trying to retrieve it, Beer Ball is a game that requires concentration at all times.

Two Player Rules

While it’s not strictly a two-player drinking game, Beer Ball can still be played with just a couple of people. You don’t even have to change the rules in any way. While each player can use a single can of beer, we think the game works best with each player having two.

This will help ensure the game lasts longer and adds a bit more strategy to the game. We think Beer Ball definitely works best with more players, but it can still be a fun drinking game for just two people.

The Beer Ball Drinking Game

So, that’s everything you need to know to play the fun Beer Ball drinking game. This game doesn’t have the name recognition of games like King’s Cup, but it’s sure to be a fun time and makes an excellent choice for anyone looking for something a little different.

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