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Snappa Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play?

Snappa is a fun drinking game ideal for groups of friends on a warm summer day. This game is similar to Beer Pong but unique in its own way. Beer Die (also known as Beer Dice) is a very similar game to Snappa and is believed to be a variant of it.

While the game isn’t hugely popular in the US, it’s still well worth playing. Of course, learning the rules as you play can make the game more fun. But to help get you started, check out our guide to the rules below.

What is the Snappa Drinking Game?

What is the Snappa Drinking Game?

Despite not being a hugely popular game in the United States, it’s commonly believed Snappa originated there! While there is some debate, most sources state that Snappa and Beer Die were both created in the early 1970s.

But the game’s history isn’t that important; what people need to know is how to play it. Snappa immediately sets itself apart from other drinking games like Kings Cup and Waterfall because it’s played with dice.

But that isn’t the only unusual thing because you also need a Ping Pong table as well! However, if you don’t have a Ping Pong table, there are other options. We’ll talk more about how you can set up a game of Snappa below.

First, let’s outline briefly how the game works. In Snappa, players must stand at their side of the table. Each team will have two cups on either corner of the table. Players will need to throw dice with the aim of getting it into the opposing team’s cups.

Snappa is a points-based game, and the first team to score seven points wins. There is a lot more to talk about, which we’ll go over in the rules and gameplay section below. But before that, let’s take a more detailed look at what you’ll need to play Snappa.

What You’ll Need To Play?

Now, this is where things get interesting. If you want to play Snappa with the proper “official” setup, you’ll need a Ping Pong table. However, this can be quite the investment for a drinking game. So, a more cost-effective solution would be to use a Ping Pong/ Table Tennis net and have it set up over a regular table instead.

For example, this Retractable Table Tennis Net from Hipiwe could be easily set up on a regular table to play Snappa. Some people also use a long ruler or even colored tape to mark the halfway point on the table instead of a net.


While you can play Snappa like this, if you want an authentic experience, using a net is your best option; you will also need some plastic cups. These TashiBox disposable cups would make a good choice.


Don’t use glasses as a replacement because they could be knocked off the table and smash. Finally, you’ll also need plenty of alcohol for the game as well. You can use any beverage, but beer is the traditional choice. We also don’t recommend opting for anything overly strong either.

Snappa Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

Snappa Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

Another interesting attribute of Snappa is that it is traditionally a points-based game, unlike some other drinking games. So to win Snappa, you or your team need to score seven points. Although, like most drinking games, the real aim is to have fun and enjoy a drink or two as you play.

While seven points is the traditional winning score, you can play for a higher or lower amount if you prefer. More seasoned Snappa players will often increase the score required to win to make the game last longer. So, now you know the aim of the game, let’s talk about how you play.

Setting Up

Snappa can be played one vs. one or two vs. two. We think it works best as a four-player group game. If you have a large enough playing space/ table, you could try playing with more players but sticking to a maximum of four is advised.
To get the game ready, place a cup at each corner of the table. The cups should be at least half-full with your beverage of choice. Next, place the net in the middle of the table, and then each team should stand or sit at their side.

To decide which team will go first, one player from each team should have a game of scissors, paper, rock. Or, if you prefer, you can flip a coin. The winning team will then take the dice and get ready to play.

Playing Snappa

Snappa is a turn-based game, but the team that goes first will have a slight advantage as they’ll have the opportunity to score first. Scoring in Snappa can be done in three different ways if you’re following the standard rules. Check out the grid below to see how scoring works.

The dice lands in one of your opponent’s cups.2 Points
The dice knocks/ hits one of your opponent’s cups.1 Point
The dice lands on the table and shows a five.1 Point

These are the standard scoring rules, and we recommend first-time players follow them. However, you can create your own rules to add new elements to the game as well. For example, one popular house rule will deduct a point if the dice don’t land on the table.

So, feel free to get creative and add some house rules to your games once you’ve got used to the fundamentals. Now knowing how to score is only the beginning. To properly play Snappa, you also need to know when to drink!

Just like with scoring, you can also create your own house rules for this as well. But like before, we recommend that first-time players follow the standard rules for their first few games. Check out the grid below to see when you need to drink when playing Snappa.

If you knock the dice on the floor on your throw, then you should drink.
If the die lands on the table and shows a one, then you should drink.
The losing team must drink the four corner cups on the table.

When one player/ team scores at least seven points, they win, and the game is over. If you want a longer game, you can play for the best of three or increase the score required to win. Snappa is usually a very fast-paced game, although if you take the time to aim carefully, you can significantly increase your chances of winning!

Catching Rule

One particular rule worth highlighting is the catching rule. In Snappa, you ideally don’t want the dice to fall onto the floor. So, you should decide whether players are allowed to attempt to catch it or not?

If you play with the catching rule, players can attempt to catch the dice before it lands on the floor. If they succeed, they won’t have to drink. However, if you aren’t playing with the catching rule, players can’t attempt this and will need to drink with an off-target throw.


Snappa is a bit of a hidden gem where drinking games are concerned. It might share some similarities with Beer Pong but is a very unique and fun game in its own right. So if you’re looking for a new drinking game to try, why not give Snappa a go? You’re sure to have plenty of fun.

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