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The Top 10 Best Zombie Board Game in 2023

Everyone seems to love zombies, don’t they? From famous movies like Night of The Living Dead to the hugely popular video game series Resident Evil, the shambling undead seems to pop up everywhere, don’t they? But did you know there are also several amazing zombie board games?

Sure the gameplay might be a little different from a video game, but there are a number of zombie-themed board games you can enjoy. They might be more niche picks, and you’re unlikely to find them on store shelves with UNO and Chess sets, but they are still well worth playing!

Top Zombie Board Game

So, if you’re a zombie fan or simply looking for a more unique board game to play, one of our top 10 picks could be for you. Let’s take a closer look at our picks for the top 8 best zombie board games.

1. Zombicide Night of The Living Dead Board Game

I know what you’re thinking Zombicide Night of The Living Dead Board Game is quite the mouthful, isn’t it? But this fun RPG board game is practically a necessity for any zombie fan, especially if you like the classic movie Night of The Living Dead.

It’s really two games in one great package! You can either play one of 5 scenarios and try your best to survive or battle waves of the undead in the unique Zombicide mode. However you decide to play, you’ll be sure to have plenty of fun.

Unsurprisingly this board game is recommended for teenagers (aged 14 and up) and adults only. It’s also a game based on teamwork; you either succeed or die together in this game! So, if you’re a lone wolf type of player, this might not be the game for you.

One to six players can enjoy battling the undead in this board game, and you take on the roles of the characters from the movie. Gameplay usually takes around an hour, making it great for game nights with friends and family.

2. The Last Night on Earth

On Sale The Last Night on Earth

The Last Night on Earth is another great example of a zombie RPG board game! Using a modular board and various scenarios, you can be sure no two games will ever be the same. Making it a game you can enjoy again and again.

However, this game is very interesting because you can play as either zombies or heroes. Up to six people can play this zombie board game, and you can decide how things are split. Do you split into two equal teams or have one mastermind controlling all the zombies?

Another interesting thing about this game is that heroes can always fight each other. In many scenarios, heroes will often be at a disadvantage and after to find weapons or supplies quickly. Like any good zombie movie, this means heroes might take every man for himself approach to the game.

If you think Mario Kart and Cards Against Humanity can test friendships, you haven’t seen anything yet! If you want to bring all the mania of classic zombie movies to your next game night, definitely give this board game a try.

3. Zombie Chase

On Sale Zombie Chase

Not every zombie board game is designed for older teens and adults. Zombie Chase is a great example of a more child-friendly experience that is still plenty of fun for older players. This game proudly introduces itself as a beginner strategy game designed to teach children the fundamentals of more complex games.

Players take on the role of humans or zombies and must either escape the theme park or prevent anyone from escaping. One of the more unique aspects of this game is that humans that are caught turn into zombies and keep playing!

Whether you’re a human trying to collect resources and escape or a shambling zombie trying to capture other players, this board game is great fun! If you’re looking for a zombie-themed game suitable for younger players, be sure to give Zombie Chase a go.

4. Zombie 15

Zombie 15

Zombie 15 puts up to 4 players in the shoes of 15-year-old survivors in a zombie apocalypse! There are various scenarios available, from gathering supplies to escaping a zombie horde and even uncovering the hidden secret behind the outbreak.

But whichever scenario you choose, there is always one thing in common: the 15-minute countdown! This game is interesting because players won’t have long to make decisions, giving the game a very frantic feeling.

If you’re looking for a zombie board game you can play in short bursts, then this fun-sized game would be a great choice. The real-time twist makes it stand out from all the other survival-themed board games and adds an exciting new element to the game.

5. Resident Evil 2: The Board Game

Resident Evil 2: The Board Game

The famous video game has become an exciting board game! In Resident Evil 2: The Board Game, players take on the role of one of famous survivors like Claire Redfield or Leon S Kennedy and try to survive through numerous scenarios.

You’ll be battling waves of the undead and even more monstrous creatures as you explore Raccoon City and try to survive. While fans of the popular video game series will be sure to enjoy this game, it’s also a great choice for zombie fans.

The game might initially seem quite complicated as you’ll need to juggle numerous resources, including weapons, ammo, health items, and keys. However, the scenario guide is designed to help ease players into the game’s mechanics bit by bit.

If you enjoy battling the undead, you can even expand the game with new characters, monsters, items, and scenarios with the expansion packs. Whether you’re a Resident Evil fan or not, it’s easy to recommend this board game to anyone looking to kill some zombies.

6. Zombie Labyrinth

Zombie Labyrinth

Zombie Labyrinth is another fun, child-friendly zombie-themed board game perfect for families. No heroes or humans are in this game; everyone plays as one of the undead and will spend the game navigating the labyrinth and collecting brains.

But players must also avoid the mad scientist who will take their brains and send them back to the starting point. The goal is simple you need to collect the most brains, reach the goal, and you win! But doing so is easier said than done.

One of the things that makes this zombie board game so much fun is that the maze will be different every time. The modular design means you can change the board layout every time you play, giving you a different experience every time.

7. Zombie Kidz Evolution

Zombie Kidz Evolution

Your school is crowded with zombies, and time is running out; what do you do? That is the story behind Zombie Kidz Evolution; in this game, up to four players will need to collect a strange assortment of weapons, gather supplies, and of course, do battle with the undead.

However, the more you play, the more unpredictable the game becomes! Mystery envelopes add new elements to the game and can suddenly turn an easy battle with a few zombies into a huge war with a neverending horde.

But your players will also get new powers to help them battle back against the zombies and protect the school. This fun board game is ideal for younger children but offers enough variety and strategy for older players.

8. Axis & Allies & Zombies

Axis & Allies & Zombies

In Axis & Allies & Zombies, you won’t just be racing war; you’ll also be battling zombies! You take on the role of one of the five world powers and have to fight not just each other but also the unending zombie horde.

If this wasn’t bad enough, you also have to consider that every death means there could be more and more zombies piling up. Up to five people can play this complex strategy game and will have to manage supplies, armies, food, and more while waging war.

While this zombie board game is quite complicated and aimed toward older players, some special scenarios are included to help introduce new players to the game. So, don’t let the more intensive gameplay prevent you from trying this fun board game.

9. Dark Darker Darkest

Dark Darker Darkest

With Dark Darker Darkest, up to five players will explore the creepy mansion of the infamous Doctor Mortimer. An unknown virus has suddenly turned everyone into zombies, and this mansion might hold the answer to why.

Players take on the roles of survivors and must explore the mansion and uncover what is happening. You’ll need to collect supplies, kill zombies, and destroy the mansion bit by bit to win in this game!

All the zombies are controlled by the game’s very own smart “AI” system meaning players can either work together or simply try to survive and uncover the mystery on their own. Using an array of special skills, survivors can be brave and bold or use stealth and tactics to ensure their survival.

10. Zombie-opoly

On Sale Zombie-opoly

This isn’t your ordinary Monopoly; it’s Zombie-opoly! The perfect game for your next board game night-in. While the rules are relatively similar, there are some important differences; for one thing, there is no Top Hat or Wheelbarrow in this game.

Your player tokens include a shovel, severed ear, and femur bone; these are just a few of your options. You don’t go to jail either; instead, you are buried and must dig your way out! Properties are also upgraded with boxes of flesh.

Yep, this is certainly quite the ghoulish game, but that is why we love it. If you’re a fan of standard Monopoly, you’ll love this zombie-themed approach to the game. Best of all, you can still use all your favorite house rules.

Our Verdict

So, that is ten great zombie-themed board games you can add to your next board game night! Zombies are certainly everywhere, and they add their own spooky charm to all these amazing board games.

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