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How to Play Your Worst Nightmare? Rules & Strategies

Your Worst Nightmare is an unusual twist on card games. Rather than relying on luck or developing a strategy, this game is about how well you know the other players and challenges you to utilize your deductive skills. Let’s take a closer look at what the game is all about. 

What is the Your Worst Nightmare Card Game?

It was released in 2020 – Your Worst Nightmare game may have escaped your notice. But this fun card game is worth playing. It might seem similar to Clue or even card games like Mafia at first glance, but this game is unique. 

While cards are used, this is a game where you must use your knowledge of others and any deductive skills you possess to win. The game begins when the oldest player selects four fear cards from the deck. 

There are 300 fear cards included, so there are plenty of choices, and no two games will be the same! The player then ranks the fears on their scare card from most frightening to least. They then choose one of the other players and guess their order of the four fears. 

The other players will rank their fears on their scare cards and choose another random player to score. Once the Ranker has finished writing, they will reveal who they chose to rank alongside themselves to the group. That player will then show their ranking. 

For every fear the Ranker got right, they will earn one point. If they get all four correct, they will earn a bonus point meaning the Ranker can win a maximum of five points per turn. Players can keep track of their score on the scare cards too. 

Once the first Ranker has tallied up their score, the player becomes the new Ranker to their left. They then repeat the process from earlier and reveal their ranking for the player they chose. 

Once all players have had a turn at being the Ranker and scores are tallied, the next round begins with four more fear cards being drawn. It continues till one player reaches a score of 13.

What You’ll Need To Play?

You’ll need a Your Worst Nightmare game set to play this fun card game. It might be tricky to find in shops, but it’s easy to find online. Due to the more scary nature of the game, it’s recommended for children aged 12+. 

On Sale Pressman Your Worst Nightmare

It can be played between two to four people and is a great ice breaker game to play with new friends and old. When you open the box, you’ll find a few different cards. We’ll outline the cards included below to make playing the game easier. 

Fear Cards 

Three hundred different fear cards are included with Your Worst Nightmare. They include common fears like public speaking, spiders, and death, along with more unusual choices like your bed, clocks, or patterns. 

Scare Cards 

These are the cards you’ll be using to write on. Felt tips pens are included, and the cards can easily be wiped clean for future games. At the bottom of the cards, you’ll find a score counter so you can easily keep track of your score throughout the game. 

Rules and Gameplay 

Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of the Game 

Your Worst Nightmare game aims to learn more about you and your friend’s/families’ fears. The game is designed to encourage conversation, and it could even help some people overcome their fears. However, this is also a fun game, and to win, you’ll need to be the first player to score 13 points. 

The Set-Up 

Setting up a game of Your Worst Nightmare is relatively easy. First, the oldest player will become the first Ranker, and they will select four fear cards from the deck. Then, under traditional rules, one person shall shuffle the deck, and the cards are randomly chosen. 

However, if you prefer, you can decide to let players look through the deck and choose any four cards of their liking. Once the cards are chosen, every player should take a scare card and a pen then the game can then begin. 

How to Play Your Worst Fear ?

Firstly, every player should rank the four cards from the most frightening to the least.  Once the players have listed their ranking, they should choose another player.  And then list what they think their ranking of the fears will be. No one should talk or confer during the writing process of the game. 

Once everyone has finished, the Ranker will reveal who they have chosen. They will then reveal the order they chose for that person. The player they chose will then say what they got right and what they didn’t. 

They can also show their listing of fears (for themselves) on their scare card. Points are awarded to the Ranker depending on how many guesses they got right. The list below shows how the points work. 

  • 1 Guess Correct – 1 Point 
  • 2 Guesses Correct – 2 Point 
  • 3 Guesses Correct – 3 Point
  • 4 Guesses Correct – 5 Points 

Once the Ranker tallies up their score, the player will become the new Ranker to their left. They will then go through the same process until every player has had a turn being the Ranker. The next round of the game then begins. 

It means four new fear cards are chosen, and the gameplay loop continues. The winner will be the first player to score 13 points. 

Your Worst Nightmare – A Scary Good Time!

So, that’s everything you need to know about Your Worst Nightmare. This fun card game is a great ice breaker, a great party game, and an insightful way to learn more about each other. It might even help some people learn to conquer their fears in time!

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