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What Does Shuffle Hands Mean in Uno?

Uno is a card game almost everyone has played at least once. Uno has numerous cards, but we’ll be looking at the Shuffle Hands card in this guide. So let’s take a more detailed look at this card and see how it works.

What is The Shuffle Hands Card?

The Shuffle Hands card might seem self-explanatory, but things can still be a bit confusing. Let’s not forget the problems the Swap Hands card introduced to Uno when it was added. The Shuffle Hands card might seem similar, but thankfully it’s easier to use.

When played, the player who used the card must collect all the cards from all remaining players. They then shuffle the deck, feel free to show off a little using our card shuffling like a pro tips guide, and then redeal them to everyone.

Ideally, all players will receive the same number of cards they originally had when they are redealt. But this might not always happen; it could be that one player has an extra card, while one player has one fewer. This doesn’t matter and is still within the rules.

What Advantages Does The Shuffle Hands Card Have?

If you have cards you can’t play, then the Shuffle Hands card could be handy. By playing the card, you effectively get a brand new hand and could have much better cards.

You also can disrupt any other player’s hand quickly. But, of course, the very opposite could happen, and you could end up with even worse cards. But of course, just like any other card game, you have to balance the risk vs. the reward.

What Uno Games Does The Shuffle Hands Card Appear In?

Shuffle Hands doesn’t appear in every version of Uno. Uno Attack, for example, doesn’t feature the card. Also, shuffle Hands was introduced in late 2019, so it won’t appear in older card sets either. But if you have a modern (or recent) Uno cards deck, it will likely be there.

Can You Win With A Shuffle Hands Card?

Now, this is where things get complicated! Uno themselves tweeted the official guidelines for people to know. So, if you are playing by the proper rules, you can’t win if you use the Shuffle Hands card as your final card.

However, some people find this rule unfair because it effectively forces you to use Shuffle Hands before reaching your final card. This may not always be very helpful, so some use it like the Swap Hands card. This means when it’s used as the last card, it effectively acts as another wild card.

Is The Shuffle Hands Card Optional?

Yes, this Shuffle Hans card (like most other special cards) is entirely optional in Uno. So, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. We at least think you should give it a chance, though, because it adds a fun new element to the game.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the Shuffle Hands card in Uno. This card might not be in every Uno game, but it can add a fun new twist to the game when it is played. So, why not give it a try?

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