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How to Play The Last Leg Drinking Game?

The Last Leg drinking game is the first card game incorporating watching your favorite sport. While you might be no stranger to enjoying a drink with the game, The Last Leg brings a whole new idea to the table.

So, gather your fellow sports fans, get the beers in, and use this step-by-step to guide you through how to play the last leg card game.

Let’s kick it off, shall we?

What You’ll Need to Play The Last Leg Drinking Game

The good thing about The Last Leg is that there are different variations, so no matter whether you’re a baseball, hockey, or basketball fan, there’s an option for you. 

So, first things first, you’ll need to get your hands on one of the sets; this depends on what you’re favorite sport is.

The options are as follows:

The Last Leg Hockey Drinking Game

Next, you’ll need your favorite game–loving buddies and something to drink. Beer is usually the preferred choice in our house when playing The Last Leg, but whatever you prefer.

If you want to go all out and really create a themed night, you could get something like these sport drinking cups for everyone too, they’re bound to put a smile on everyone’s face, plus it’ll save on the washing up. Also, there’s no risk of your favorite glasses breaking, even if people have too many.

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That’s everything; let’s play The Last Leg drinking game.

Rules And How to Play The Last Leg?

Rules And How to Play The Last Leg

No matter which version of the game you’ve opted for, the rules are all the same, and you’ll be glad to know they’re incredibly straightforward, so you’ll be teaching your mates in no time.

All the game consists of is a deck of cards, which you’ll need to shuffle before gameplay begins.

After this, the dealer, whoever that may be, should divvy out five cards to each player (three each if you’re playing in a larger group). You’ll need to keep your cards in front of you. You can leave them face up, don’t worry about anyone else seeing them.

If you find duplicate cards, hand one back to the person who dealt and request a new one.

On each card, you’ll see an event that might occur during whichever game you’ve chosen. You’ll also see a drink instruction and a score. Once you’ve completed the drink challenge, place the card to one side, you’ll need it at the end of the game to count your score.

Each time you’ve used one card, withdraw another one. You should always have five cards (or three).

Winning the game is simple. In the end, all players tally up the points they’ve scored throughout, add them up, and whoever has the most points wins the game.

Drinking Safety

When it comes to playing drinking games, there are some safety measures you need to follow to ensure everyone at the party is enjoying themselves responsibly.

  • Don’t Get Carried Away: Try to stick within your limits and advise your friends to do the same. Matches can get intense, and things can get ugly when people drink too much.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water. Give everyone a glass at the game’s start so the players can sip between drinking challenges.
  • Eat Something: Try to eat something to soak up the drink. Pizza is a good shout. Then you can use the box to play the pizza box drinking game when you’re through.
  • Look Out for Each Other: Be mindful of your friends, and don’t allow peer pressure to occur, especially if you’re the host.
  • Avoid Liquor: If you’re playing a drinking game, staying off the hard stuff can help to control how drunk people get and perhaps prevent a sore head the following day.


So, whether you’re a basketball buff, a hockey head, or a baseball backer, with The Last Peg, you’ve got the perfect way to liven up any match night. If you’ve enjoyed reading this and want more sport-related games, how about you check out the baseball-drinking game for a roaring time?

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