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The Suck and Blow Drinking Game: How To Play?

Drinking games come in all shapes and sizes, don’t they? Of course, there are classics like Power Hour and Beer Pong, but then there are the more unusual choices like the Suck and Blow drinking game! Now when you see a name like this, what do you think?

You might be thinking something adult-oriented, a little like Strip Poker? But the Suck and Blow drinking game is unique when compared to many other drinking games. If you don’t bother with the alcohol, it can make a pretty good party game as well!

But of course, if you want to play with the traditional rules, they’ll be alcohol involved. So, before we look at the rules, let’s take a quick look at what the game is all about.

What is The Suck and Blow Drinking Game?

There are a few different ways to play the Suck and Blow drinking game. But all the rule sets follow the same basic guidelines. In this fun drinking game, players sit in a circle and must use sucking and blowing to move a thin objects to each other.

The catch is that players can only use their mouths when moving the object to each other! This might sound easy but trust us; it’s much more tricky than you might first think! If the object is dropped, players need to take a penalty drink before trying again.

The object players need to pass can also take many different forms. Traditionally a thin piece of card is used, but many players also use paper. One fun alternative is to use a playing card and pass that around.

You can even challenge yourselves to pass a whole suite of cards within a specific time limit! So, let’s now talk about what you need to play the game.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play Suck and Blow, you don’t need much, making it quick and easy to play in almost any setting. It’s certainly not a traditional pub/ bar drinking game, but it could easily be played as one!

You’ll, of course, need alcohol and plenty of it. But you will also need something to pass between players. You can use paper or a card, but playing cards like these from Bicycle are also a great option.

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Now the most important thing you’ll need is enough players. Suck and Blow isn’t a two-player drinking game. You’ll need at least 4 people. But the game is much more fun with a large group of people. Now, let’s take a look at how you play, shall we?

How to Play the Suck and Blow Drinking Game?

How to Play the Suck and Blow Drinking Game?

The Aim of The Game

The aim of this game is to pass the card/ paper around the whole group without dropping it! It might sound easy but will likely be quite challenging, and it will only get harder the more you drink.

You can add points and even time limits for an extra challenge as well. But just playing with the basic rules is sure to be enough for a fun, easy-going drinking game. Let’s go through how you set the game up and then take a look at the rules.

The Set-Up

The first thing to do is sit around in a circle. Under some rule sets, players should sit man, woman, man, etc. However, you don’t have to sit like this if you don’t want to. Once players are ready, you should decide who will be going first and what direction you’ll be moving in.

Once that is done, get your card/ paper ready and make sure alcohol is within easy reach for the penalty drinks. Now you can start playing, so let’s take a look at the rules you need to know.

The Basic Rules

There are many different ways to play Suck and Blow. However, for first-time players, we always recommend using the basic rules for your first few games. Then, once everyone is seated and the direction you’ll be moving is decided, the game can begin.

The first player can move the card/ paper to their mouth with their hands. However, once they are holding it on their lips, they can’t touch it again. Using suction, they need to hold the object and pass it to the next player.

In Suck and Blow, players should not bite the card/ paper at any time. Instead, the next player will need to use their lips to take it while the player holding it will need to blow it gently. As the name of the game says, it’s all about sucking and blowing.

If the card/ paper is dropped at any time, then players will need to take a penalty drink. If a player drops the card/ paper before another player touches it, then that player alone should take the penalty drink.

Once they have drunk, they can try again. If a player/s fails three times, the card/ paper automatically moves to the next player. Once you have finished passing the card/ paper across the whole group, the round is over.

Everyone should take a drink to celebrate once the round is over. You can then start the next round but should change the direction you move in. That’s the basic rules explained; let’s look at a few advanced rules you can use.

Advanced Rules

There are several different ways to add new challenges to Suck and Blow. One fun challenge is to use a stopwatch to give yourself a time limit. This adds extra pressure because players will need to move more quickly when passing the paper/ card to each other.

Another fun challenge is to use playing cards. The aim is to complete a whole suite of cards. For example, let’s say you start with the 2 of hearts. Once you have moved this card around every player, you move to the next card.

The aim is to get through all the numbered cards, then the face cards, and finally the ace! You could get very drunk trying to move all the cards of one suit, though, so do take that into account and take smaller drinks for each penalty.

The Suck and Blow Drinking Game

So, that’s the Suck and Blow drinking game explained. This fun and simple game is quick and easy to play but surprisingly challenging even without the advanced rules. So, get your friends together and enjoy some drinks.

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