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Spicy Uno Game | Rules, Instructions & Strategy

Uno is arguably one of the most popular cards games globally, which has led to several variations of the original game. In this game guide, we’ll be looking at Spicy Uno. This is a unique variation because Mattel/Uno themselves didn’t create it; it was made online. 

What is The Spicy Uno Card Game?

Uno is no stranger to new variations; Uno Attack is just one popular example. But what makes this game stand out is that game developers didn’t create it. Instead, Spicy Uno became popular due to the internet and is a fun twist on the original game. 

Spicy Uno follows the same rules as regular Uno to a point. This means players need to get rid of their cards by matching colors or numbers. Wild cards that can act as any number/ color are also used along with the other special cards like plus two or plus five. 

Spicy Uno’s unique special rules require players to do certain actions if specific cards are used. 

For example, players need to slam their hands down on the table if someone puts down a six-card. 

The player who does this last will need to take two additional penalty cards and add them to their hand. There are a few other special rules like this which we’ll discuss below in the game guide section. Apart from these, the other new rule is the signature. 

Whoever wins the game must sign their last card. Over time lots of cards will feature signatures, and they can be fun mementos of the games you have played! So, that’s a quick outline of what Spicy Uno is all about; let’s take a look at what you need to play the game and discuss the rules. 

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play Spicy Uno, you’ll need a card set. Due to its popularity, Uno is very easy to find, but you can find even more versions online. This travel version of Uno in a metal tin is a great choice. Apart from that, all you’ll need is a pen for the winner to write their signature with.


Rules and Game play 

Rules and Game play

The Aim of The Game 

To win Spicy Uno, you need to be the first player to use all their cards. Don’t forget to say Uno on your final card, though. Spicy Uno follows the same basic setup and rules as regular Uno. 

We’ll go over the basics and the new Spicy Uno rules you need to know below. But reading up on the fundamentals will also be a big help. 

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The Set-Up 

Spicy Uno works best with a bigger group of people, ideally with between 5 to 10 people. The first thing to do is choose a dealer; they should shuffle the deck and then deal each player seven cards. The dealer should go first, and then play will continue in a clockwise motion. 

Playing Uno 

Each round, players should use one of their cards; a card can be used if it matches the number or color. Players may also have special cards like the plus two, which means the next player must take two extra cards. 

There are also skip turn cards, wild cards, and reverse cards that move anticlockwise. Some versions of Uno have other special cards like the Shuffle Hands or Swap Hands as well. 

If a player cannot play any card, they must take one from the deck and add it to their hand. When players get to their final card, they must shout Uno before putting it down to win the game. The winner will be the first player to play all their cards. 

Now, that is the standard rules explained, but in Spicy Uno, there are some extra things to remember. 

Spicy Special Rules 

There are several special rules to Spicy Uno, and these add a fun new element to the game and help it stand out amongst the other Uno variations. To make understanding the new rules easier, we’ve listed them below. 

  • Slap on Six 

If a player plays a six-card, all other players must race to slap their hand on the table/ playing space. The last player to put down their hand must take an extra couple of cards! 

  • The Silent Seven 

When someone plays a seven-card, everyone must stay quiet until another seven is played. This rule stands even if someone gets to their final card. If someone does talk before a seven is played, they must take two extra penalty cards. 

  • Stacking Plus 

If someone puts down a plus card, another player can effectively block it with a matching card! But, of course, this means the next player will have to pick up even more cards. 

  • Zero Switch 

If someone plays a zero card, they can swap their hand with a player of their choosing, making zero cards very valuable near the end of the game. 

  • Ask For Help 

If you can’t play a card in standard Uno, you will have to pick up a card from the deck. However, in Spicy Uno, you can also ask for help, and this means the other players can offer you a card from their hand. 

The card must be presented face down, so the player who needs help won’t know what they’re getting. This is a risky move because a player could easily give you a useless card, but equally, you could end up with something useful. 

So, that’s all the special rules you need to know for Spicy Uno. Remember, when a player does win, they also need to sign their final card to mark the occasion! 

Spicy Uno – Uno Gets Hot! 

Spicy Uno is great fun and will give you a whole new appreciation for Uno. If you are bored of the standard rules, this twist on the game is sure to be a good time.

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