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In Between Card Game: Rules And How to Play?

In between is a quick and easy yet super fun card game that you should definitely introduce to your friends at your next game night or social gathering.

I always struggle with finding something new that will be simple to explain to a group of people when planning game nights. After all, nobody wants to be bored to death while you reel off complicated rules for half an hour before you can even start.

So what else can be better than playing a single deck of 52 cards and some poker chips?

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Alright then, let’s find out how to get going, shall we?

In Between – Getting Started

As with most card games, before you even think about the game, you need to pick someone to be the dealer for the group. You can do this however you like, and the dealer can change it before every round to keep things fair.

Now you’ve got that sorted. The dealer should divvy out the chips so that everyone has an equal amount. They’ll also need to shuffle the cards before the person to their left cuts the deck.

The dealer will now place two cards in the middle of the table facing up, and the rest will be the game’s stockpile.

The last thing you need to know before you start is the card ranking, though there’s not much to explain.

Cards are ranked from high to low, with Ace being the highest and two being the lowest.

Rules And Gameplay

Rules And Gameplay

The main objective here’s pretty self-explanatory. You need to get as many chips as possible in order to win.

So, how do you win these chips, I hear you ask?

Firstly, it’s important to mention that in order to participate in the round, you have to bet at least one chip to the pot at the start of the game. This is the ante and is needed to play the game.

The player sitting to the dealer’s left places the first bet. They can bet as many chips as they like. However, they have to place a minimum of at least one chip. After they’ve done this, the dealer will turn over the top card from the deck and put it In Between the two upturned cards on the table.

If the card ranks In Between the ranks of the other cards, the player wins back their chips, along with an equivalent amount of chips from the pot. For example, if you bet three chips and you win, you’ll take your three chips back, plus three more.

So what happens if the card doesn’t rank between the other two?

Let’s say the cards on the table are 4 and 10, and the card that comes out is not In Between them regarding rank, for example, a Queen, then you automatically lose your bet, and your chips stay in the pot. This is also the case if the card that’s flipped matches any of the up-turned cards.

Note: When the first two cards are dealt to the table, if they’re consecutive, the player to go first loses automatically, and no third card is even drawn.

The game now moves on to the next player, who takes their turn placing a bet.

The game ends when only one player is holding all the chips.

Handy Tip: Keep an eye on the cards that have been played because this will give you an advantage, knowing what cards are left to be dealt and whether or not it’s worth a bet.

Fun Facts About In Between Card Game

Get ready to be amazed by these fascinating fun facts about the quirky game of In Between.

  • In some In Between variations, players can win bonuses if certain hands appear on the table, like a straight or three-of-a-kind.
  • The odds of guessing whether the next card will be In Between are approximately one in three.
  • In between goes by other names, such as Red Dog and Acey Deucey.
  • If you want to make things more interesting, you can add an extra rule where players can bet whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous. This is in addition to the bet of in-between.
  • In Between originated in the United States sometime during the 20th Century.

The Round-Up

In Between is a fab little game that’s been around as long as I can remember. It’s perfect for family gatherings and game nights with friends, so if you’re looking for something simple and quick while being fun and engaging, then this is one for the list.

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