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Cuetec Cues Review – Are They any Good?

Once you learn the basics of Pool and know how to hold your Pool cue properly, most people will want to buy their own. But finding the right cue isn’t always easy. The good news is when it comes to buying a Pool cue, you have plenty of options.

But Cuetec is likely a brand you have probably seen before. Many Pool bars, pubs, and clubs have Cuetec cues for you to borrow while you play. But while they might be commonplace, are they any good?

How do they compare to other popular brands like Mcdermott pool cues? Well, let’s take a closer look at Cuetec Cue and see what we can uncover

A Brief History on Cuetec Cues

Compared to some cue manufacturers, Cuetec is still considered very young. They quite literally burst onto the scene in 1989, so they are only just above 30-years old! But while they might be young, they certainly knew how to make an entrance.

Cuetec instantly made a name for themselves with a more innovative cue design. Their cues were made with an additional layer of graphite and fiberglass. This was used along the shaft of the cue rather than simply using wood alone.

Traditional wooden shafts are very much the norm for Pool cues, even these days, all these years later. So, Cuetec cues definitely stand out, but what does this patented manufacturing process do?

Cuetec Cues Review

Cuetec Cues

So, what does this graphite and fiberglass coating do on a Cuetec cue? Well, Cuetec wasn’t just trying to add a unique touch. This coating does have a very practical purpose. While wooden cues might be popular, they are more susceptible to heat and cold.

Now while you might not be playing on an outdoor Pool table, your cue can still feel the effects of the outside elements. Heat and humidity can be real problems indoors as well. So, this protective coating on Cuetec Cues does have some real benefits.

The coating also helps protect Cuetec cues from general wear and tear as well. The composite shafts on Cuetec cues provide many great benefits and could even help you handle the cue more evenly. They are also available in numerous different weight classes as well.

Cuetec cues can be split into two main categories: recreational cues and professional cues. Recreational cues are ideal for beginners to Pool and casual players.

They are divided into a few different ranges, which include the following:

  • The One Piece Series
  • The Platinum Series
  • The Specialty Series
  • The Warrior Series

More experienced Pool players will find the Cuetec Professional lineup to be more to their liking. These cues feature the same innovative graphite and fiberglass coating but with extra flourishes like leather tips and more advanced designs.

The Cuetec Professional cues come in numerous different ranges, including:

  • Get Tek
  • Graphite
  • Prestige
  • Natural
  • Starlight
  • Denali

So, the Cuetec cue range is very extensive, with over 60 different cues for you to choose from. Whether you just enjoy Pool on a casual basis with friends or are a more experienced professional, you’ll be sure to find a cue to your liking.

Professional Backing

One thing many people wonder when looking for a Pool cue is how it’s used in a professional setting. You might not be planning to enter a tournament yourself, but it’s always good to know the cue you’re buying was used by the professionals.

Cuetec cues have been used in many tournaments by professional players. Back in the early 1990s, five professional players endorsed Cuetec cues. This has only grown over time. Shane Van Boening is likely a name most professional Pool lovers know.

He is a multiple Player of the Year winner and U.S. Champion. In 2009 he officially signed with Cuetec, and they even worked together to design a professional range of all wood cues.

Cuetec Cue To Checkout

So, now you know more about Cuetec Cues, let’s take a look at some of their most popular cues. This will give you a better idea of what Cuetec offers and will help you decide whether they are the right manufacturer for you.

1. Cuetec Black Graphite Series 99280

As part of the professional Graphite series, this cue has got a very premium feel to it. With a strong graphite shaft and Cuetec’s unique coating, this is a solid and hardy cue. The cue also features a Veltex grip for improved grip and handling.


2. Cuetec Natural Series 58″

Part of Cuetec’s Natural series, This stylish cue features a long pro taper and is available in numerous weight classes. This is a solid and reliable cue for any professional player with a Grade A Plus North American Maple shaft and Cuetec’s unique coating.


Our Verdict

If you’re looking to improve your game and get better at Pool, the right cue is critical. So, what’s our final verdict on Cuetec Cues? They certainly stand out thanks to their innovative design and are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a hardy, robust, and reliable cue.

Thanks to their expansive range of cues, beginners and professionals alike will be sure to find something suitable for their needs as well. If you’re looking for a new Pool cue, you should certainly take a closer look at Cuetec Cues.

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