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Concentration Card Game: Rules & How to Play?

Concentration is at face value a simple matching card game. Cards are laid out, and people take turns trying to match pairs. Sounds simple right? Well, it is, but Concentration is also a much more versatile game than you might first think. 

Let’s take a more detailed look at how it’s played. 

What is the Concentration Card Game?

Concentration card game

Concentration is a simple card game generally played with children. It can be played with your standard deck of playing cards or a special card set. It doesn’t matter what cards you use, as the game’s rules remain the same. 

We recommend sticking with a deck of cards as they will be easier to find. The game is best played with two to four people, but it can even be played as a single-player card game

You must put all the cards face down; it’s important to shuffle the deck before laying cards out. Then each player will turn over two cards; if they match, they take the pair and score a point. The next player then takes their turn and tries to do the same thing. 

The idea behind winning the game is to concentrate and remember what cards other players uncovered, so you have a better chance of getting a pair. However, the many different rule sets make the Concentration Card game fun. 

Under the standard rules, cards match if they are the same value. For example, the Queen of Spades and Queen of Diamonds are pairs. However, you can use many different rule sets when playing the game. 

One popular rule is that colors must match, which means the value and suit color must match. So, the Ace of Hearts would only match with the Ace of Diamonds. There are many other alternative rule sets you can play with as well. 

We’ll be talking about them in the game guide below, but before that, let’s talk about what you’ll need to play the Concentration card game. 

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play the Concentration Card game, you’ll need a deck of cards. While you can use any deck of playing cards, we recommend going for something colorful and flashy. Of course, bee playing cards will always be a good option if you want a good, high-quality deck. 

If you’re looking for some special playing cards, these Purple Cyberpunk cards will make a great choice. Once you’ve got your cards ready, all you need is a surface big enough to lay them down on, and you’re ready to play Concentration! 

Purple Cyber Punk Cards

Rules and Gameplay

Concentration card game Rules and Gameplay 

The Aim of The Game 

Concentration aims to match as many pairs as you can. As a result, the game is excellent for young children and makes a great family card game. But with many different rule sets, you can customize Concentration to your liking. 

Below we’ll outline the basic rule set and talk about many of the alternative rules you can use. If you enjoy games like Solitaire or are simply looking for a game to play with your children, you’ll enjoy Concentration. 

The Basic Rules

To start a game of Concentration, first well shuffle the deck of cards. Then layout cards one at a time across your playing surface, a large table, or even the floor works best. The youngest player should go first, continuing in a clockwise motion. 

On their turn, each player should flip over two cards. Under the basic rules, for two cards to match, they have to have the same face value. The color/ suit doesn’t matter; players take the two cards and score a point if they get a pair. 

If a player gets a pair, they can take another turn straight away. Some people ignore this rule to ensure everyone gets equal turns. The game is over when all the cards have been paired up. The winner will be the player or players with the most pairs! 

Rule Variations 

You can use many different rule sets when playing the Concentration card game. Whether you’re bored of the old rules or want to make things more challenging, these new rules can be a great way to add a new twist to the game. We’ve listed some of the most popular alternative rule sets below. 

1. Color Match 

With the color match rules, players can only pair with matching red and black suits. So, for example, the Eight of Hearts can only match the Eight of Diamonds. This small change can make the game much trickier. 

2. Zebra

The Zebra ruleset is basically the opposite of the above. Cards can only match if they are the same value but of the opposite color. So, for example, red cards can only match with black cards again; this might be a small change, making the game much more difficult. 

3. Double Decker 

The double-decker ruleset is ideal for a larger group game of Concentration. You use two decks instead of one, and these should be matching designs. To make this ruleset even more complicated, cards can only match if they are exact. So, the King of Clubs can only match with the other King of Clubs. 

These are just some of the fun rule variations you can use when playing the Concentration card game. Just like Monopoly, house rules are encouraged, so if you can think of any new ways to play, why not give them a try?

Concentration – The Versatile Card Matching Game 

Concentration is a simple card game but sure to be great fun for the whole family. You can also customize the game in a variety of different ways so you’ll never get bored. So, if you’re looking for a new game to play on your next night in, give Concentration a try! 

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