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Cars Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play?

Let’s face it: everyone loves animated movies, whether it’s nostalgia or simply the bright colors and pleasantries, which are a welcome change from the grave adult movies we’re expected to enjoy.

But there is a way you can make watching movies such as Cars more suitable for adults by turning it into a drinking game. There you go, now you don’t have to feel ashamed to watch your favorite cartoon movie.

So, in this guide, I will walk you through the Cars drinking game and give you some inspiration on when to drink before, of course, taking you through some safe ways to play. That way, we keep everyone safe and can ensure all your friends and family enjoy your party.

Let’s hit the road.

What You’ll Need to Play Cars Drinking Game?

You’ll be glad to know minimal equipment is needed to get stuck into the Car’s drinking game.

Of course, you’ll need the booze. It’s pretty vital. Otherwise, it’s just you and your mates sitting around watching Lightening Mcqueen race around town.

Next, you’ll need something to drink out of. The last time I played, I ordered these themed plastic party cups. They went down well and impressed the guests.

The other pretty obvious thing you’ll need is a way of watching the movie. You can download Cars on Amazon Prime, or you might already have it on DVD if you’re a die-hard fan and like to do things old school.

Now you’re fuelled with everything you need to play the Cars-drinking game.

How to Play Cars Drinking Game? Rules and Gameplay

How To Play Cars Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

Firstly, you will need to plan the game before you hit play. Otherwise, nobody will know when to drink, and it can turn into chaos, so planning is essential.

Between yourselves, set the rules for when and what you’ll drink at each trigger point.

If you can’t think of any off the top of your head, don’t worry; I’ll give you some ideas in a moment.

Some things to consider here are how much you drink.

For example, if the trigger is “drink when you see Lightening Mcqueen,” this will happen frequently, so it’s not advised to take a full shot or finish your drink. Instead, take a sip. But this is all based on common sense, so think about that before you make the rules.

When to Drink While Watching Cars

Below is a list of ideas I’ve used myself when playing the Cars drinking game, so you don’t need to worry about getting your thinking cap on. I’ve done the hard part for you.

Drink When:

  • Lightening Mcqueen daydreams
  • You hear pop music 
  • Someone says, “Piston Cup.”
  • Fillmore acts high
  • Lightening, Mcqueen says, “Ka Chow!”
  • An enemy captures someone 
  • Someone mentions a lemon car
  • Someone makes fun of Lightening for being old
  • The Route 66 is on the screen
  • There’s a Piston Cup
  • Anyone says, “Speed!”
  • When a new character is introduced
  • Doc Hudson says something wise
  • Mater discusses his tow hook
  • There’s a race
  • There’s a championship
  • Lightening Mcqueen shouts Mack’s name
  • Someone mentioned Dinoco
  • Chick Hick yells something
  • Someone calls Lightening Mcqueen “Stickers.”

Let’s Strap in – Drinking Game Safety Measures

No matter what game you’re playing, whether it’s the Cars drinking game or something like Beer Pong, putting safety first is an absolute must!

It can be very easy to get swept up in the fun and become carried away, losing track of how much you or your friends are drinking, which can lead to risky situations.

So, below is a list of measures you can put in place at your next party to ensure everyone can safely enjoy a drinking game while still having fun.

  • Know your limits
  • Designate a drive
  • Plan your journey home
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Don’t try to keep up with others
  • Look out for your friends
  • Don’t drink stiff drinks at regular occurrences in the movie
  • Eat something
  • Stay hydrated
  • Don’t pressure others

Putting the Brakes on

So, we’ve come to the end of my guide on how to play the Cars drinking game.

I hope I’ve given you enough information and inspiration for your next game nights, and I hope you enjoy racing through the shots with your friends.

Remember always to follow the safety guidelines when playing to ensure nobody is left in jeopardy. If you’ve enjoyed this, there’s more where it came from. Check out my guide on how to play the Family Guy drinking game.

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