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10 Best Bingo Board Game Sets

Whether you’re providing the entertainment at your next community fundraiser or simply changing things up on your regular family game night, the best bingo board game sets are a great way to guarantee hours of fun for everyone from small children to seniors and elderly relatives.

The only question, of course, is which one should you buy?

To help you make that decision, we tried, tested, and reviewed scores of this year’s best-selling bingo sets before picking our top ten favorites for this comprehensive guide.

What is Bingo?

Though bingo has long been regarded as a great game for seniors to enjoy, this traditional game proves just as good at helping young children learn their numbers, or even just to bring people together as part of a fun-filled community event.

First invented back in 1929, the game is as simple as it gets:

One person uses a machine or rotating bingo ball cage to randomly select numbered balls one at a time.

If the number on that ball matches a number on a player’s bingo card, that player marks it off their card. The first player to mark all of the numbers off their card shouts “BINGO! and is declared the winner. 

The following top ten sets include everything you need to enjoy this American staple for yourself:

10 Best Bingo Game Sets

1. Lulu Home Bingo Game Set
2. Doublefan Deluxe Bingo Cage Game Set
3. Regal Games Family Bingo Set
4. Hey! Play! Complete Bingo Set
5. Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set
6. GSE Games & Sports Professional Bingo Game Set
7. Royal Bingo Supplies Vintage Wooden Bingo Game
8. Yuanhe Deluxe Bingo Cage Game Set
9. Porch Classics State Fair Bingo Game
10. Family Bingo Game Set

1. Lulu Home Bingo Game Set

Probably the closest thing you’re going to get to a professional set-up without stepping into an actual bingo hall, the Lulu Home Bingo Game Set contains everything you could possibly need to enjoy this classic game of chance from the comfort of your living room.

At the heart of this comprehensive kit is a sturdy, well-crafted, 8” metal bingo cage which rotates effortlessly without ever feeling too loose.

Inside that, you’ll place the 75 plastic bingo balls that have been clearly marked to ensure that seniors and people who struggle to read small writing can call out those all-important numbers with ease. 

There’s also a great-looking masterboard for holding those bingo balls once they’ve been drawn, plus 18 different bingo cards and 150 brightly-colored bingo chips, making it a great choice if you’re planning to host a fun-filled bingo night with plenty of friends.

Apart from the chips, the whole thing comes in a stylish black-and-white design, adding an aesthetic appeal that is matched only by the superior quality of the individual pieces. 

If you’re serious about your bingo-based fun, this excellent set should definitely be on your radar.

2. Doublefan Deluxe Bingo Cage Game Set

A serious contender for the number one spot, the only reason why we ranked the Doublefan Deluxe Bingo Cage Game Set at number two instead, is that our first-placed pick contained a few more bingo cards.

Otherwise, this one delivers everything you’d expect from a quality bingo board game. 

The 6” bingo cage turns easily, with each rotation automatically releasing a new ball to avoid any unnecessary messing around with ball-release buttons or switches. 

Both the balls and the bingo cards are well marked, though some users have reported that the numbers on the balls tend to fade after extensive use. Otherwise, this is another top brand set that works just as well for playing at home as it does for setting up an afternoon of lighthearted entertainment at senior centers, community halls, and similar venues.

3. Regal Games Family Bingo Set 

Regal Games Family Bingo Set

You’ve played all the usual board games until they’re just not that enjoyable anymore, and no matter how much you try, you just can’t get the kids excited about traditional classics like chess or chinese checkers. Now, you need something new to bring the fun back to your family game night. 

If that sounds familiar, then the Regal Games Family Bingo Set may be just the thing you’re after. While other sets may be better suited to large groups of adults, this child-friendly set is tailor-made for those occasions when you and the gang get to spend some quality time together.

The 8” rotary cage and masterboard are both as well-built as any, ensuring this one will remain in top condition for years to come.

Speaking of the cage, it has a helpful automatic ball selector and all the features you’d need to ensure your game goes smoothly.

Yet it’s the bingo cards that really lend this one it’s appeal. Measuring 6.75” x 6.5”, these generously sized cards feature large-print numbers, making them just as ideal for small children as they are for your elderly relatives.

A set of 75 balls and 150 bingo chips are also included.

4. Hey! Play! Complete Bingo Set 

On Sale Hey! Play! Complete Bingo Set

Our pick of the best budget-friendly bingo board game goes to this complete set from Hey! Play!

Like all good sets, this one comes with a sturdy, easy-turn rotary cage with an automatic random ball selector and a wide catch to prevent any chosen balls from veering off the rack.

The actual bingo balls and cards are both a good size, making them an excellent choice for children without compromising the compact design that is a key selling point. 

Indeed, if there’s one thing we like about this the most, it’s that it’s wonderfully small and lightweight yet still plenty solid, making it a great option if you were looking for a low-cost bingo kit you could take on vacation with you.

5. Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set

On Sale Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum to our last pick, the Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set is a large-scale game kit that packs in 100 unique bingo cards and 500 attractively-colored bingo chips.

If you’re looking for a modest bingo game to entertain the family, then this might be a little too excessive.

However, if you’re searching for a quality bingo game set for a community event, a senior center, or any scenario where a big-time bingo game with lots of players takes place regularly, this one really is worth some serious consideration.

The rotary cage stands 12” tall (including the base), with a sizable 7” diameter, allowing for lots of room to hold the 75 colored balls with large-print numbers. 

The 100 different bingo cards are also printed with jumbo-sized numbers to make them easy to read and mark off with the easy-to-grip chips.

The masterboard is also substantially bigger than most, eliminating much of the fiddling around required of some smaller sets.

All in all, a top-quality choice for large groups, gatherings, and events.

6. GSE Games & Sports Professional Bingo Game Set

Most of the sets in today’s guide are intended for lighthearted, casual play. However, if you’re serious about taking your bingo calling career to the next level, you could do far worse than checking out this Professional Bingo Game Set from GSE Games & Sports

The stunning brass wire bingo cage stands 17” tall (including base) with an 11” diameter, making it large enough to fit over 200 bingo balls. Easily the largest cage we’ve featured today, it’s ample size means the cage can also work just as well for raffles or lottery draws. 

Elsewhere, you’ve got a substantial 16.5” x 20.5” plastic masterboard and 75 clearly-marked bingo balls that are the same size as standard ping-pong balls

Sadly, no bingo cards or chips are included here, but since this is intended for professional use, you’ll likely find it more cost-effective to buy those separately anyway.

7. Royal Bingo Supplies Vintage Wooden Bingo Game

On Sale Royal Bingo Supplies Vintage Wooden Bingo Game

If you’re a fan of beautifully designed, high-quality game sets, you’ll undoubtedly love this Royal Bingo Supplies Vintage Wooden Bingo Game

All of the standard components -cage, cards, chips, balls, and masterboard- are present and correct here, and in that regard, this one is no different than any set on our list. When it comes to the design and manufacturing, this gorgeous bingo game is really something special.

The board, balls, and chips have all been crafted out of real solid wood while the 6” cage comes in a beguiling brass finish. Together, this unique design lends the whole thing an authentically vintage feel that would make it a great choice for a retro-themed game night, or simply for adding to your collection along with your vintage chinese checkers board or backgammon set.

8. Yuanhe Deluxe Bingo Cage Game Set 

Though we stand by what we said earlier about the Lulu offering being the best-looking game out there, there’s no denying that the Yuanhe Deluxe Bingo Cage Game Set comes in a very close second.

The black, 6” rotating cage and decently-sized masterboard mix well with the nicely colored balls, lending a certain visual appeal to your game that other sets lack.

Still, this isn’t all about looks. The Yuanhe set delivers in other areas too.

First, there’s the 50 mixed-color bingo cards and 300 brightly-colored bingo chips, making this another decent choice for large-scale games. Then there’s the large-print numbers on both the cards and the balls that make it a great, easy-to-read set for players of all ages.

Finally, there’s the beautifully designed box that the whole thing comes in. While this is a factor that many overlook, a little feature like stylish packaging can make all the difference when giving a bingo set as a gift.

9. Front Porch Classics State Fair Bingo Game

On Sale Front Porch Classics State Fair Bingo Game

If you’re looking for an alternative to the vintage wooden set we looked at earlier, then the Front Porch Classics State Fair Bingo Game may be the one for you. 

The bingo balls and masterboard are both made of real authentic wood, elegantly crafted to ensure exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal. This, along with the old-fashioned, wooden, shutter-style bingo cards gives the whole thing a nostalgic feel to it that is utterly enchanting.

Although only 8 bingo cards are included in the set, more can be purchased fairly cheaply from Front Porch Classics if you’re inviting more friends over for a larger game.

10. Family Bingo Game Set

On Sale Family Bingo Game Set

If you still haven’t decided whether your family will enjoy bingo as much as they enjoy other games, then picking up this great, entry-level Family Bingo Game Set may be a good idea.

Unlike most sets that use a solid, plastic masterboard for holding the bingo balls once they’ve been drawn, this one uses a simple cardboard bingo ball with numbers that are fairly easy to read. 

The addition of 18 bingo cards is a nice touch, though some users have complained that they’re a little on the small side. This may rule the whole thing out if you’re playing with small children or elderly relatives but otherwise isn’t a big deal.

Elsewhere, the balls, chips, and rotating cage are all of agreeable quality. Combined, all the ingredients are there for a good bingo starter set that’s great for giving the game a trial run.

If you and your family enjoy it as much as we do, you can always upgrade to a higher-quality set. If not, you can simply go back to your regular Friday night game of Monopoly.

Bingo Board Game Buyer’s Guide 2022

bingo game set

If you’ve read through our pick of the top ten best bingo sets and still haven’t decided which one to spend your hard-earned money on, asking yourself the following key questions will no doubt help you make your mind up:

How Will You Be Using Your Bingo Game?

There’s a big difference between breaking out the bingo set for the occasional Friday game night and using it to host a bingo-based fundraiser for a good cause. 

With the former, there’s every chance that you’ll only have a few people playing at any one time, in which case you can happily settle for a set with a handful of bingo cards and chips.

With the latter, you’re likely to be calling those numbers for a much larger group, meaning it’s important to have as many cards as possible. 

Who Will You Be Playing With?

It’s also worth considering the people who will be joining you on your next game night. If it’s small children, seniors, or anyone who struggles with their vision, then buying a set with large-print balls and cards is pretty much essential. 

How Much Do You Enjoy Bingo?

Finally, asking yourself this question will help you determine how much money you should invest in your new set. 

If you’re still not sure whether the rest of your family will enjoy bingo as much as you do, then it may be wise to save some money and invest in a lower-priced starter set.

That way, if it turns out they’re just not into it, you’ve lost very little, and if they are, you can upgrade to a better quality set.

Speaking of which, if you already know that bingo will be a big hit in your household, spending more on a top-brand set will ensure your new game set is built to last, delivering hours of fun for years to come. 

What’s the Best Bingo Game Set to Buy?

With all that being said, which set do we recommend you rush out and buy? Honestly, that depends.

If you’re planning a large-scale game at a fundraiser, community event or bingo hall, the additional cards that come with the Royal Bingo Supplies Jumbo Bingo Set make it worth the cost.

However, if you simply want the best combination of attractive design, quality manufacturing, and comprehensive setup, then there really is no better choice than our first-placed pick, the Lulu Home Bingo Game Set.

A truly versatile set, this complete bingo game is sure to provide just as much fun at your family’s intimate game night as it is in a more large-scale environment. 

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