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8 Best Yard Games to Play Today (Not Including Cornhole)

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Here are some of the best yard games to check out when you’re getting tired of endless cornhole matches.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the game of cornhole. 

We’ve even written an extensive guide on how to play cornhole, as well as how to find the best cornhole board set.

But there may come a point when you’re getting a little sick of the same old games of bag toss.

Luckily there are several other great lawn game options out there.

From new innovations to traditional lawn games that have been played for centuries, below are some of the best yard games to try out when you’re growing a little tired of cornhole, or just looking to add some other backyard activities for your guests.

Like cornhole, the best yard games all require accuracy and technique, but they’re also great for social occasions and fun for any skill level.

There’s something for everyone here.


1. Chippo

Our first pick as a fun alternative to cornhole is a new backyard golf game called Chippo.

Chippo began as a Kickstarter campaign and has picked up steam as a popular game that combines two of our favorite pastimes: cornhole and golf.

You start by placing the Chippo boards, which are similar in size and angle to cornhole boards, about 15 feet apart. The boards each have three holes, with one larger hole in the center and two in the top corners.

You chip at the opposite board off a turf mat placed in front your board. The boards are also covered in turf and the holes are netted.

Sounds fun, right?

Like cornhole, you can play Chippo with 2 or 4 players.

You can score 4 different ways when playing Chippo:

  • One point for making contact with the board (also known as a “boardie”).
  • Three points for sinking a ball in the center hole (the “3” hole).
  • Five points for sinking the ball in either corner hole.
  • And you get 2x the points if you bounce the ball off the green first.

There are also  a few different ways to play Chippo.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Match play is played by taking three shots in a row and counting your score. Player with the highest total wins that hole.
  • Cancellation scoring works just like in cornhole. Only higher points of one player scores per turn. You alternate play until one team exceeds 18 points.
  • Or you can play one-v-one 6 ball. Players stand on opposite sides and chip 6 balls each. Count the totals to play either match play or cancellation scoring.

The game comes with a set of high-density foam golf balls that are perfect for chipping and practice, and safe for all ages.

While Chippo is obviously the one of the best yard games for golfers, non-golfers can play and have fun with this one too. 

This game is the perfect alternative to cornhole and will surely become a favorite at outdoor outings for many summers to come. 

2. Kubb

Yard Games Kubb Premium Size Outdoor Tossing Game with Carrying Case, Instructions, and Boundary Markers
Premium Kubb set, available on Amazon

Kubb is one of the best yard games we recently discovered. It’s a really fun lawn game that involves throwing wooden batons, known as kaspinnar, at a row of wooden blocks, known as kubbs.

This traditional Scandinavian lawn game is played on a pitch.

Basically, this means you set up a small rectangular playing field on the grass or in the sand with a row of 5 kubbs on each side.

You then place a larger wooden block in the middle.

This is known as the King.

The objective of Kubb is to throw your batons and knock down the Kubbs across the pitch before aiming for the King.

There are more rules and strategy involved, explained in full detail in our full guide on how to play Kubb and this video.

This game combines the skills of bowling (like aiming to knock down pins) and a game like horseshoes due to the nature of throwing an object underhand.

Kubb can be played on a variety of surfaces such as grass, sand, concrete, snow, or even ice.

3. Polish Horseshoes

One of the many new yard games on the scene, polish horseshoes (also known as Beersbee) is a much more laid back version of traditional horseshoes (mentioned below).

But it does require some additional skills and physical ability.

For one, you need to be able to throw a frisbee with accuracy. And it also helps if you have the catching technique and physical dexterity to catch the disc and play defense.

You also need a couple posts or poles. And, of course, a beer bottle to place atop each post.

Here’s our full guide about polish horseshoes if you want to learn more.

4. Bocce


This one is no surprise on any list of the best yard games. Everybody loves a game of bocce.

You can play a match on your lawn or even build an official bocce court on your patio. Some bars now also offer indoor bocce as an alternative to conventional indoor games like bowling.

It’s a fun and relaxing game that involves a good amount of skill. Just like cornhole.

And the scoring is similar, too: only one team with balls closest to the palino can score per round.

If you’re looking for a classic game that’s remained popular for centuries, you can’t go wrong with a game of bocce.

Check out this post for a full overview of How to Play Bocce Ball.

5. Ladder Toss

Ladder toss has become one of the best yard games for parties and outdoor festivals these days.

This game adds some new dynamics to traditional lawn games, as you’re aiming a bola (a rope with a ball attached to each side) at a multi-level target (the ladder).

The ladder has three different levels that are worth different points (i.e. the top is worth 3, middle is worth 2, and bottom is worth 1 point).

Ladder toss (or ladder golf, ladder ball) is a challenging but mellow game that can be very addictive. You may even find yourself becoming a little obsessed with getting better at this one.

The rules are simple. But, like most of the games on this list, learning to play is easy, but getting good takes real skill and technique.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with ladder toss.

6. Horseshoes


Another classic yard game, horseshoes brings to mind family reunions, barbecues, and perhaps an overly competitive (and inebriated) uncle or two.

Nevertheless, when you’re looking for one of the best yard games with substance, tradition and a well-establish set of rules, and one that takes some real skill, horseshoes is a lot of fun.

All you need are two pits and a set of horseshoes. You can play with 2 or 4 players. It requires a little more strength than cornhole, but overall the game is very similar.

The rules, however, are slightly more complex.

Luckily, we have a comprehensive guide that will teach you everything you need to know about how to play horseshoes.

7. Bimini Ring

Bimini Ring is a super mellow bar game played that can be played using a variety of set-ups.

The basic concept is that you have a ring tied to a string or rope. You try to swing that string and land the ring on a hook.

Bimini ring adds an element of island style by mounting the hook on a mini wooden surfboard. People love this game. It’s surprisingly hard.

And like all good bar games, it gets competitive and will keep you coming back for more.

Plus, it’s very easy to set up and does not take up much space on the patio or at the tiki-bar.

Here’s a helpful post on the different versions and ways to play hook and ring games including Bimini ring.

8. Quoits


If you’re looking for one of the best yard games with some serious roots, you can go way back in time with a game of quoits.

The simplicity of this game makes it just as fun today as it was back when it was played in ancient Greece.

Quoits is played by throwing rings at stakes that are either planted or set on the ground using a traditional stand.

A ringer is worth 3 points. You get two points for a quoit that’s touching a stake, and one point for the closest to the stake.

Thus, it’s very similar to horseshoes. But it’s a lot easier to set up.

You don’t need a pit and can pretty much play anywhere outside, even on a small patio.

The standard throwing distance in a game of quoits is about 25 feet, but this can be modified depending on your space.

Rings are usually plastic or metal and weigh about 4 lbs.

First to 21 points wins.

Bonus: Outdoor darts

Here’s a bonus for you. If you have an old dartboard, just find a safe place to mount it outside and enjoy some dart games in the fresh air.

Even better, set up some outdoor lights and play at night.

Check out this post for some more information about how to set up a dartboard outside.


There you have it. Plenty of great lawn games to try out when cornhole becomes a little stale (if that’s even possible).

Our preference would be to set up multiple games, including cornhole, just to keep things fresh and challenging.

Any other backyard games worth mentioning? Let us know!


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