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The 5 Best Mini Claw Machine Reviews

We all remember playing those claw machines at a carnival or funfair, don’t we? Yes, they were challenging, but we all wanted to win and finally beat the machine. You can now enjoy that feeling again with some of the best claw machine products to buy for your home! 

A mini claw machine will give you all the fun and challenge you remember from battling the bigger claw machines. But it also won’t constantly need you to feed it money. What’s more, a claw machine can also make a fun decorative piece as well. 

Whether it’s for a hobby room, family game room, or a child’s bedroom, a mini claw machine will certainly stand out. So, let’s take a look at some of the best mini claw machines available today.

The 5 Best Mini Claw Machine Reviews 

  • Features classic arcade styles lights and sounds
  • Three joystick controllers
  • No assembly is required
  • Features fun LED lights and classic fairground music
  • Single joystick
  • Comes with colorful alien toys to grab
  • Comes with 10 high-quality plastic alien toys
  • Doesn’t require batteries to play
  • No lights or sounds
  • Can be played with the remote control for extra-versatility
  • Features flashing lights and sounds
  • Ideal for children
  • Flashing lights and classic carnival sounds
  • Features three joystick controls

1. Electronic Arcade Claw Machine 

On Sale Electronic Arcade Claw Machine

Finding the best mini claw machine can be difficult. When it comes to downsizing big machines into more mini-versions, the quality can suffer a lot. But thankfully, this isn’t an issue with this classic-inspired Electronic Arcade Claw Machine

With its simple yet bold design playing, this mini claw machine will feel like stepping back into the past. What’s more, you don’t even need to rely on your imagination for those classic arcade sounds because this mini claw machine makes them! 

It features lights, classic arcade sounds, and even that electronic arcade music everyone remembers. The mini claw machine comes with a variety of colorful candies that you will be sure to enjoy battling the claw for. 

It is easy to open up so more small candies and toys can be placed inside as well. If you’re looking for a fun, unique gift for a child then this mini claw machine would be a great choice. But adults will likely enjoy playing this mini claw machine game as well. It’s certainly a nice nostalgia trip older players will enjoy. 

This machine comes with its own plastic coins which are used to activate it. It’s 10 “L x 7.5 “W x 13.5 “H so while still certainly mini there is plenty of room for the claw to move around. Speaking of which, the claw in this machine is moved with three joysticks. 

This will help give you a greater level of control over where the claw moves. Although be warned, it might still be tricky grabbing the candies inside. Suitable for ages 8 and up, this classic arcade-inspired mini claw machine would make a great gift for any occasion. 


  • Features classic arcade styles lights and sounds. 
  • Can easily be filled up again for endless replayability. 
  • Three joystick controllers make moving the claw easier. 
  • No assembly is required. 


  • The plastic coins which activate the machine could easily go missing. 
  • The simple design might not appeal to everyone. 

2. The Rocketship Claw Machine 

We love the design of The Rocket Ship Claw Machine! The rocket shape really comes alive with the use of bold colors like red and yellow. Many mini claw machines stick to the more standard/ traditional rectangular design, so it’s nice to see one that is so different. 

Apart from the eye-catching shape and colors, this mini claw machine also features some other impressive features. These include some fun LED lights that activate when the claw machine is in use and background music. 

The music is inspired by classic fairground sounds. With this machine, you can easily turn a room into your own personal fairground. With its eye-catching colors and bold design, we think this mini claw machine would make a great child’s gift. But we don’t doubt adults will enjoy having a go as well. 

A single joystick controls the claw which might be a little tricky at first, but it is the traditional method. And don’t worry, players will soon get used to it. This mini claw machine is suitable for ages 3 and up and will require 3 AA batteries to work. 

It comes with a variety of colorful small alien toys for people to grab. But it is easy and quick to refill with other small toys or candies. If your ideal choice for the best claw machine is something a little more unusual, then this rocket-inspired machine would make a fine choice. 


  • Bold colors help make this mini claw machine instantly eye-catching. 
  • The more unusual rocket shape will be sure to go over well with children. 
  • Features some fun LED lights and classic fairground music. 
  • Comes with colorful alien toys to grab.


  • The more compact shape doesn’t offer much room for maneuvering the claw. 
  • Single joystick movement will take some getting used to. 

3. Disney Pizza Planet Space Crane

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We go from one rocket-themed mini claw toy to another with the Disney Pizza Planet Space Crane. Now we all remember the classic claw scene from the movie, don’t we? Well, now you too can enjoy controlling the claw with this amazing Pizza Planet mini claw machine. 

This mini claw machine is one of the more expensive options on our list, but it also acts as a collectors item as well. With its bold colors and eye-catching shape, it will be sure to stand out and would make a great gift for a child or adult Disney/Toy Story fan. 

The real star of this mini claw machine though, are the classic Toy Story alien toys included. The game comes with 10 little aliens, so children will be sure to enjoy challenging themselves to capture all 10. 

The claw is moved with a single joystick controller. This may take a little getting used to, but it is the classic control scheme of most arcade claw machines so certainly gets points for authenticity. Now while this mini claw machine would make a fine gift, there are some issues worth knowing about. 

For one thing, this mini claw machine is quite fragile, which means very young children may accidentally damage it if they are not careful. There are also no lights or sounds which is a little disappointing, although it does mean you don’t need batteries to play.


  • The amazing design captures the famous Toy Story Pizza Planet claw machine. 
  • Sure to please Toy Story fans of any age. 
  • Comes with 10 high-quality plastic alien toys. 
  • Doesn’t require batteries to play. 


  • Is quite fragile so will need to be played with carefully. 
  • No lights or sounds. 
  • Single joystick movement will take some getting used to. 

4. CISAY Claw Machine

CISAY Claw MAchine

The CISAY Claw Machine is certainly one of the best claw machine toys for children. With its soft pastel pink color scheme and mini-plush toys, this is a claw machine designed for young children first and foremost. 

Now, this doesn’t mean adults or older children won’t want to have a go playing. But if you’re looking for a claw machine with more universal appeal, this likely isn’t the claw machine you want. However, if you are looking for a claw machine for younger children it offers some great benefits. 

First of all, the design is cute and colorful and includes flashing lights and sounds. It also comes with a range of soft plush toys for children to capture with the claw. This mini claw machine uses a dual joystick system to offer smoother controls, but it also features an innovative remote system. 

With the small remote the claw can be controlled while away from the machine! This is a great alternative for children who are struggling to use the joysticks. It also features a smart game system that expands your playtime for every toy you catch! 

Fun, cute, and colorful, this mini claw toy will certainly be a hit with young children. It’s packed with some great features and can be easily refilled to expand its value. If you’re looking for a claw machine for kids, this would make a fine choice. 


  • The cute and colorful design makes it ideal for children. 
  • Can be played with the remote control for extra-versatility. 
  • Features flashing lights and sounds. 
  • Can be plugged in directly for quick powering. 


  • Likely only really going to appeal to young children. 
  • Remote control will require 2 AAA batteries. 

5. The Claw Toy Grabber Machine

The Claw Toy Grabber Machine

Designed to emulate the classic carnival claw games this mini claw machine is sure to entertain adults and children alike! The Claw Toy Grabber Machine comes with a range of plush toys but can easily be filled up with toys and candies of your choosing. 

What we really love about this mini claw machine is the colorful lights that flash when you play. It really helps add to the fun, carnival atmosphere you should have when playing a claw machine. It will be sure to light up any space and the fun classic carnival music only adds to the atmosphere. 

This machine uses three joysticks to help you control the claw more accurately. Any good claw machine should offer smooth movement and thankfully this machine certainly does. While the claw machine is quite compact measuring 13.5 “H x 8 “W x 10 “L it still offers plenty of room to maneuver the claw. 

The machine uses play tokens to activate so make sure you keep them safe. However, if they do get lost then certain small coins/ pennies can also be used to activate the machine. Although using the tokens is the recommended way to play.  

While it’s definitely made with children in mind, we can certainly see older players enjoying a game or two with this mini claw machine. It will require 3 D batteries to power though, so make sure you take that into account. 


  • Can easily be refilled with candies/ toys. 
  • Includes colorful flashing lights and classic carnival sounds. 
  • Features three joystick controls meaning accurate, smooth movement. 


  • Needs to be powered with 3 D batteries. 
  • Play tokens could easily go missing. 

Finding The Best Claw Machine FAQs

A claw machine isn’t your standard toy/ gift, is it? It can’t really be approached like buying a board game like Monopoly would be. You need to think carefully about what you’re getting and whether it would really be suitable. 

But our top 5 picks should help give you an idea of which to get. However, before making a decision there are some important factors you need to think about. Our small FAQ below will help you ensure you get the best claw machine for your needs.

Who Can Use a Mini Claw Machine?  

A mini claw machine can be fun for anyone but many of the products available are designed for younger children. That doesn’t mean adults or older children won’t have fun playing them, but they aren’t the intended audience for most of them. 

If you are getting one to play yourself then we recommend the Electronic Arcade Claw Machine. This claw machine features a more traditional, arcade-style design and can easily be refilled, making it more versatile. 

If you’re looking for the best claw machine for a child then we think the CISAY Claw Machine would likely make the best choice. Its design makes it particularly well-suited for younger players. 

Can a Mini Claw Machine Be Refilled?  

The best claw machine should ideally be something that can be played with again and again. This means it needs to be refillable, the good news is all the mini claw machines on our list apart from the Disney Pizza Planet Space Crane are designed to be easily refillable. 

Does a Mini Claw Machine Require Batteries?  

You’ll find nearly every mini claw machine will require batteries although some can be plugged in directly as well. If you want to ensure you get the most out of your mini claw machine make sure you have the batteries needed to power it. 

So, What’s The Best Claw Machine?

Since claw machines are quite unusual and maybe even a little niche, choosing the best one isn’t always going to be easy. However, we have to give our top pick for the best claw machine to the Electronic Arcade Claw Machine

This mini claw machine offers the best overall package in our opinion. It can easily be refilled, features classic arcade-style lights and sounds, and no assembly work is required. The design might not be the most eye-catching but it’s got an authentic charm. 

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