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You Laugh, You Drink Party Game Rules & How to Play?

You Laugh, Your Drink is in many ways the perfect drinking game! It’s simple, easy to play, and plenty of fun. All you need is a card set and some alcohol, and you’re ready to play. It’s a little like charades but has its unique charm. 

What is the You Laugh, You Drink Party Game? 

Everyone knows those classic drinking games like Beer Pong and King’s Cup, don’t they? While they might be popular, sometimes you want something a little different, which makes You Laugh, You Drink a great game to play. 

This drinking game uses cards and challenges people to keep a straight face. If you are always laughing or the Joker of your friend group, you might struggle to win this game! But that is all part of the fun. 

The game is simple and easy to play; players take turns selecting cards and then have 30 seconds to make their chosen opponent laugh. But how do you do this by reading a card? Well, each card will give you actions or gestures to carry out. 

You can get creative with doing this as long as it meets the requirements. For example, if you successfully make your opponent laugh, they need to take a drink, and you get to keep your card and earn a point. 

If you fail to make your opponent laugh in the time limit, then you’ll need to drink, and your opponent will collect the card, earning a point in the process. The first player to get seven points will win the game! 

There are a few more rules to know and a little learning about how You Laugh, You Drink works. But before we look at the rules and setup, you need to know; let’s take a look at what you’ll need to play the game. 

What You’ll Need To Play?

You’ll need a card set to play this fun party drinking game. The You Laugh You Drink card set should be easy to find online, and it features 150 cards for you to use! So, you’ll be able to play plenty of games without seeing repeats of cards. 

On Sale You Laugh You Drink

Anyone who has ever played Drunk Stoned or Stupid will likely be familiar with the design of the cards. The two games share the same creators and share a few similarities. Once you’ve got the cards ready, all you need is plenty of alcohol, and you’re ready to play. 

Rules and Gameplay 

Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game 

The aim of You Laugh, You Drink is simple, you have to be the first player to earn seven points. However, since this game is best played with a larger group, it might take a bit of time to rack up enough points. 

The target point goal is usually lowered to four or five in smaller groups. However, you can play to any endpoint and declare the winner with the most points. Like most drinking games, the winner/ losers don’t matter that much. 

The Set-Up

Setting up a game of You Laugh, You Drink is easy. First, shuffle the cards and place them in the center. Then, everyone playing should say who they think the funniest person is. Yes, you can vote for yourself if you want. The player with the most votes will become the Joker, which means they go first.

How to Play?

Once the Joker has been decided, they can take a card. Under traditional rules, they should only take the top card off the deck. They will then read the card aloud to the group and choose their opponent. 

They must announce their opponent to the group, and then they will have 30 seconds to make that person laugh. After that, other players can laugh freely, but the chosen opponent will need to keep a straight face. 

You take the card and earn a point if you make your opponent laugh. The loser must also take a penalty drink. However, if you fail to make your opponent laugh, they take the card and earn the point. You must then take the penalty drink for failing in your task. 

The player to the left of the first Joker will become the new one, and the gameplay loop continues. The game is over when one player reaches seven points or a goal you agreed upon earlier. 

Additional Rules 

One rule to remember when playing You Laugh, You Drink is passing. Any Joker can pass on their card if they want. However, if they do this, they give up their turn to earn any points and will have to take a penalty drink. 

An additional rule you might want to use allows the Joker to take two cards on their turn. They will then have two options to decide when to make their opponent laugh. This is done to give the game a little more variety and reduce the number of passes. 

Another rule applied is to let Jokers have a minute instead of 30 seconds. We recommend sticking to 30 seconds for your first few games but increasing the time can be a fun change for future games. 

Remember, because time is an essential part of this fun party game. Therefore, using a stopwatch or timer app is strongly recommended. 

You Laugh, You Drink – It’s Party Time!

So, that’s everything you need to know about You Laugh, You Drink. This fun party game is ideal for any event and could make a great bar/ pub drinking game. It’s easy and quick to play, so it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon drinking with friends. 

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