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Smart Ass Game Review: The Ultimate Trivia Game?

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If you love yelling out answers to questions, or showing off your trivia knowledge, then Smart Ass could be just the game for you.

Smart Ass

This title was specifically designed for people who always seem to have the answer to everything – with a unique selection of questions sure to appeal to everyone.

The great thing about Smart Ass is that the questions don’t focus on one specific category.

That means that no-one is going to have a better chance than someone else when it comes to getting the big win.

To succeed in this game, you need a lot of varied knowledge spread across multiple categories.


Here’s your complete guide to how to play the game, as well as an all-access review to help you decide whether this is the must-have title for you.

How to Set up and Play the Smart Ass Game

When you receive your Smart Ass game, you should find the following things in the box (for the new edition):

  • 411 question cards
  • Game board
  • 6 Playing tokens and 6 stands
  • A jumbo movement die and a jumbo category die
  • Instructions and rules booklet

Overall, the Smart Ass game is relatively simple to follow.

You’ll need to sort your question cards into four segments before you get started:

  • What Am I? – Blue
  • Who Am I? – Orange
  • Where Am I? – Green
  • Hard Ass – Red
Smart Ass

Place each stack of cards in the question box, with a relevant category divider between each section.

Each question will have two sides – a yellow and a green.

The idea is to start with the yellow side of the cards, then follow up with the green if you run out. This helps to keep the game as fresh as possible.

A starting player is chosen at the beginning of the game – and it’s usually the oldest person playing the game.

That starting player rolls the colored category die to decide which question he or she is going to be asked.

While the question is being asked, anyone can yell out an answer – but they’re only allowed to do this once.

If any person answers correctly, then they win the round, and they can roll the movement die.

You move your token the number of spaces on the movement die and keep moving until you reach the end of the game board.

In the rare occasion when two people answer the question at the same time, you’re going to need to decide for yourself who should be given the points.

One option is to use a tie-breaker question to decide who gets the points.

Usually, you’ll pick your tie-breaker question from the “Hard Ass” category.

Smart Ass: Special Rules and Features

Smart Ass

While some trivia board games appear to be reserved only for adults and people educated in a specific topic, Smart Ass is something that appeals to everyone.

The instructions of this game are very easy to follow.

Remember, anyone can give an answer at any time, although each player only has one chance to answer the question on each card.

If someone gives the wrong answer to the question, then they’ll be “out” for the rest of the round.

Rounds in the game progress until someone reaches the end section of the board, featuring a smiling donkey.

Although there’s no specific rule in this game that dictates how much time a player can take to answer a question, you can set your own restrictions if you’re in a rush. Consider using a little sand timer to keep the game running at a rapid pace.

Additionally, while you’re playing make sure that you’re aware of the special squares that are included on the board.

For instance, there’s the:

  • Dumb Ass Square: The player that lands on the Dumb Ass Square can’t answer or ask the next question. If it was this person’s turn to ask a question, the task goes to the next player.
  • Hard Ass Square: If you land on this square after rolling the movement die, you’ll need to answer a bonus question from the Hard Ass pile of cards. Only you will be able to try and answer this question. Get the answer right, and you get another dice roll. If you get the answer wrong, play resumes as usual.
  • Kick-Ass Square: Land on the Kick-Ass square, and you’ll have to move your token back three spaces.

The Educational Value of the Smart Ass Game

Smart Ass '90s Nostalgia Card Game

One of the biggest draws of trivia games – particularly for parents and families, is that they can be a great way to learn something new.

With topics ranging from geography and history to literature and pop culture, Smart Ass is great for teaching you and your loved ones new things.

There are plenty of categories to appeal to everyone’s hobbies and interests, and you’re sure to learn a lot of new things throughout the game – even if you don’t’ win.

If you play the game frequently enough, you might even decide to buy the expansion packs, like:

Although the recommended age range for the game starts at 12 and up, there’s likely to be a few questions in the pack that might be too advanced for your early teen.

However, there’s actually plenty of questions throughout the entire game that you might not be able to answer regardless of your age.

Play this game with a wide range of different people in your family, and you’ll start to see its universal appeal.

For the most part, playing Smart Ass with teenagers and above, most of the people in your party should be able to answer a fair share of questions. However, it can get complicated and less fun for younger players who are constantly struggling to figure out the answers.

Is the Smart Ass Game Right for You?

Smart Ass Game Review

If you’re looking for a fast-paced trivia game with plenty of questions to appeal from different backgrounds, then you’re sure to love Smart Ass.

Depending on the questions that you get through your run, the nature and the pace of the game can change from one play to the next.

Additionally, it’s fun to know that the person who answers the most questions correctly won’t necessarily be the one that wins the game.

The special blocks, like the Hard Ass and Dumb Ass spaces, are great for knocking people back a peg or two.

That means that if you have someone in your family who you often think of as a know-it-all, they’re not guaranteed to win every game.

Everyone has a fair shot at winning – and that’s part of what makes this game so fun.


  • Easy to play and learn
  • Fast-paced (especially with your own time limits imposed)
  • Engaging and fun for the whole family
  • Great for learning something new
  • Everyone has a chance to win


  • Too advanced for younger players
  • Might be too short for those who want a longer game

Smart Ass is available for purchase at several online retailers, including Amazon and Target.

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