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Magilano Card Game Rules & How to Play?

The Magilano card game (SKYJO) is a fun card game perfect for a family game night. To win, you need to score the least amount of points. Swapping cards is a big part of the game, making it very interactive and surprisingly strategic.

What is The Magilano Card Game?

This fun card game is about carefully revealing cards to get the lowest score possible. At first glance, this game might look similar to Uno or one of its many spin-offs like Spicy Uno, but the two games are very different. You get 150 cards in the Magilano card game (SKYJO), separated into two categories. 

Cards can be positive or negative. Negative cards reduce your score while positive ones add to it. Collecting negative points in this game is a good thing, so that should be your aim. 

Every player will have their own 4 x 3 grid of cards, and on their turn, they can take a variety of different approaches. For example, they can take a card from their grid and turn it over or take it from the discarded pile. Either way, they will generally need to use it to replace one from their grid. 

There are a few other things to learn about playing the Magilano card game (SKYJO), which we’ll discuss in the rules section below. But first, let’s look at what you’ll need to play this fun card game. 

What You’ll Need To Play?

You’ll need a card set to play the Magilano card game (SKYJO). While you might find one in a game or toy shop, it will be much easier to find online. Once you open the box, you’ll find a wide range of cards separated by color. Each card will have a number ranging from minus two to twelve. Now you know what’s included, let’s take a look at how you play. 

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Rules and Gameplay

Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

You aim to get the fewest points possible when playing the Magilano card game (SKYJO). It’s a great two-player card game, but it can be played with eight people. So, before we examine the rules, you need to know, let’s take a quick look at how you set a game of Magilano up. 

The Set-Up

One player (usually the oldest) should shuffle the deck of cards and then deal out twelve cards to each player. Cards should be dealt face down and can be dealt one at a time or in batches; it’s up to the dealer to decide how they want to do it. 

Once the cards are dealt, each player should place their cards down in a 4 x 3 grid. So, every player will need enough room to place their cards down before playing. The remaining cards should be placed down in the center.

Take one card from the deck and flip it up to start the discard pile; you’re ready to begin playing once this is done! 

Playing Magilano

Before the game can begin, you need to decide who will go first. To do this, every player should choose two cards from their grid and turn them over. The player with the highest combined total will go first. Any cards that have been flipped over must remain face up.

The player can either take the card from the top of the discarded pile or take a face-down card from the deck on their turn. If a player takes the card from the discard pile, they must replace it with one from their grid. 

If the player takes a card from the deck, they can look at it and decide whether they want it or not. If they want it, they can replace a card from their grid; the card they are replacing then goes to the discard pile. 

However, if the player doesn’t want the card from the deck, they can send it straight to the discard pile. The game continues in a clockwise motion from the first player, and each player follows the same gameplay loop. 

The round is over when one player reveals all their cards. When this happens, all other players get one final turn before the end of the round. At the end of the round, players turn over all their cards and tally up their scores. 

If the player who turned over all their cards first doesn’t have the lowest score, they will incur a penalty. This will mean their score for the round will be doubled. Therefore, players should note their total score each round. The player who scored the lowest will start first in the next round. 

The End Game

The Magilano card game (SKYJO) is played over multiple rounds. The game will end when one player reaches a total of 100 or more. When this is done, the scores for each round are tallied, and the player with the overall lowest score will win! 

The Triple Rule

One particular rule to remember is the triple card rule. Suppose you manage to get three of the same number in a row (this must be vertical, not diagonal or horizontal). In that case, you can remove the row from your grid for the round. The cards are placed into the discarded pile and not replaced. This will help you get a much lower score giving you a significant advantage.

Magilano Card Game – A Fun Strategic Card Game 

The Magilano card game (SKYJO) is excellent for children and adults alike. It can even help children improve their mathematical skills. So if you’re looking for a new card game to try, then Magilano is worth playing. 

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