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Servd Card Game: Rules and How to Play?

If you’re looking for a game that will bring laughter and joy to your next family night or something to keep everyone at your next game night entertained all evening, then Servd card game could be just what you’re looking for!

Servd is a brilliant mixture of comedy, role play, and guessing games, perfect for bringing people out of their shells and creating bonds between one another.

In this guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about Servd, including what you’ll need, how to play, and the rules and regulations.

I’ll also talk you through the different variations because there are four to choose from, depending on who you’re playing with.

Let’s play Servd!

What You’ll Need to Play Servd?

You don’t require much to play Servd, simply a good sense of humor and the right people to play it with.

However, you must get your hands on one of the decks. Each one contains 52 cards, but the questions and scenarios are different depending on the one you choose.

Below is a list of your options:

Parents Vs. Kids Playing Cards
BFFs Servd Playing Cards
BFFs Servd Playing Cards

The Steps to Gameplay

This section contains the various steps to play the Servd game:

  • Agree on a Timespan: Decide how long you want to play, whether for a month, three months, or a year.
  • Split the Cards: Once you’ve shuffled your deck of cards, each player gets half each. It’s a two-player game, so each person should have 26 cards.
  • Customize: Remove any cards irrelevant to your relationship or friendship to ensure both players start with the same number of cards.
  • Let the Game Begin: Play the cards as situations arise during the agreed timespan. Your opponent must respond to every card you play unless they counter with ‘The Not Today Satan Card’ or ‘The Big Fat No Card.’

Rules and How to Play: Servd Card Game

Rules and How to Play Servd Card Game

There are four different game styles to choose from. It alters depending on the people you’re playing with because the questions are adapted to be suitable for couples, families, or friends.

For example’s sake, we will look at how to play the couples version of Servd, so you’ll get the gist. Remember, the only thing that will differ from the other variations will be the type of questions asked.

You might come across all kinds of light-hearted scenarios and some more risky ones, but that’s all part of the fun.

Each player has their own set of cards and plays them on top of each other, building up a playful narrative.

Cards can’t cancel each other out, but some can counter others. For instance, ‘The Not Today Satan Card’ and ‘The Big Fat No Card’ act as counters and can eliminate certain cards from play.

Game Over

In the realm of games that bring people closer, Servd stands out as a delightful gem.

With its clever card dynamics and humorous twists, Servd offers more than just entertainment – it promotes bonding, laughter, and unexpected connections.

I hope this card game results in interactions, reminding you that even the simplest of scenarios can become great memories in the company of friends, family, and partners.

So gather your cards, embrace the cheekiness, and let the game unfold!

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