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How to Play Quelf Board Game: Rules & Gameplay

Quelf board game is an excellent choice if you have a large family group or perhaps entertaining people who don’t know each other very well. It breaks boundaries regarding pushing people out of their comfort zone and gets players to perform some chucklesome actions that will have everyone roaring with laughter by the end of the night.

I love games like Quelf and cranium because they bring everyone together, having fun, answering questions, and performing actions that you would probably be too embarrassed to do in everyday situations. Still, when everyone is taking part, there’s no need to feel silly at all; that’s the whole point! The more outlandish, the better!

This colorful game will appeal to adults and children and brighten up any family evening or game night.

If you’ve never heard of the board game Quelf, then you’re in luck because, during this guide, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the rules and gameplay, and by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be rushing to add it to your party games collection.

About Quelf Board Game

About Quelf Board Game

The thing that I love the most about this board game is that no matter how many times you play, no two games are the same. This is because of the various actions you must perform and the players participating.

Some cards involved answering crazy trivia questions, while others might include performing silly actions or singing a song in a silly accent. You never know what will come up, and that’s the best part.

The concept of the game is a classic move-around-the-board style, like chutes and ladders, except instead of sliding back down the board, you’ll be required to act out a part or do a hysterical dance, you might even have to spend the rest of the game sitting under the table.

By the end of the game, the player who reaches the end of the board and completes the final challenge is the winner.

The other thing I love about the Quelf board game is the fact there is no real skill involved other than the willingness to take part and step out of your comfort zone.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play Quelf, you’ll need to invest in the Quelf Board Game Set. The set includes the board itself, 400 challenge cards, eight movers, one die, some paper, a timer, and an instructions manual.

You will also need between three and eight players, and you’re good to go.

Quelf Board Game

Setting Up The Game

First, open up your game set, and lay out your board in the center of the table or playing area. Then shuffle the deck of cards.

Next, choose your movers, place them on the starting point on the board, and take the rest of the equipment out of the box. You’ll need a pen and paper nearby to keep a score.

Select a player to go first; you can do this by rolling the die or selecting the oldest or youngest person in the group. After that, move clockwise around the group.

Now you’re ready to play, and don’t forget; there are no rules here other than simply obeying your card.

Pick Your Character

There are eight game pieces in total, and each one represents a different character. This is important to note at the start of the game because the cards work differently for every character. So depending on who you pick could make a difference to the actions you must play out.

Don’t worry; you’ll get to know these characters more in-depth the more into the game you get, but there is a description of each one in the instructions; it can help to read this before you pick.

Here is a list of the characters you can choose from:

  • Mrs. Pickle Feather
  • The Biscuit Farmer
  • The Dude
  • The Platypus
  • Super Ninja Monkey
  • Mr. Lugnut
  • Batbileg Chinzorig
  • Queen Spatula

What The Cards Mean?

Before I tell you how to play Quelf, I’ll give you a little bit of an insight as to what each card means. 

1. Time Cards

If you draw a timed card, then it means that you must complete the assigned activities in a specific amount of time, which is where your sand timer comes into play.

2. Classified Cards

Classified Cards

If you draw a classified card, you don’t read this aloud to the group like the others. Instead, keep it to yourself and perform the action. If another player sees your card, then Quelf effects might come into play.

3. Quelf Effects

On each card, you will notice a “Quelf Effect.” This is a unique rule or a bonus action or question.

4. Penalty

All the cards have a penalty, which is the price you pay if you fail to follow through with the action on the card.

5. Roolz Cards

Roolz Cards

Roolz are cards that will affect the rules of the game, and they remain in play until another card is played, which can remove them. There are three different types of Roolz cards: global, talking, and action. The global Roolz should be done by all players, and the talking and action Roolz is only done by whoever drew the card. If a player is found out to not be doing their given action, they receive a penalty.

6. Stuntz & Showbiz

These cards require physical activity, such as singing, dancing, or doing something the other players need to guess. (If your card tells you to do something which involves breaking your Roolz card, do not obey).

7. Scatterbrain

These are cards to be performed by all the players in the game. Whoever drew the card must select a topic and ask questions to the group, each taking turns to answer, do this in a clockwise motion around the table. If a player takes any more than ten seconds to respond or gives a repeated answer, they will receive a penalty.

8. Quizzle

The Quizzle card is a trivia card played by the person on your right if you land in a green space. These can either be super easy or near impossible. Many quizzle cards also have a bonus question, which means you can move forward one space if you get it right.


When your turn comes around, roll the dice and move your piece along the board to the number of spaces shown on the die. Now it’s time to draw your card and see what action has been assigned to you. Make sure you read the card aloud so the rest of the group can hear what you must do.

Handy Tip

If you land on green space, you’re off the hook; the player to your left must take your card and perform the action.

How To Win The Game?

To win Quelf, it’s pretty simple. You must get your piece to the end of the board before your opponent. However, once you reach your final space, you must answer the scatterbrainz question to win, but you must give two answers instead of one. As long as you don’t break the chain and someone else receives a penalty, you win!

Final Word

So that’s how you play a Quelf card game. I hope you’re ready for a lot of laughs, loud noise, and silliness and that the Quelf board game will now be a part of all your game nights.

If you like this game, then you might also enjoy playing concept, which is another favorite in my house.

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