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Power Hour Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play

A good drinking game should have plenty of room for socializing. Of course, you’ll still want to win, but a drinking game is more focused on having fun. Power Hour is sure to be a fun addition to any party and is a great group drinking game.

If you are tired of Beer Pong and want a break from King’s Cup, then Power Hour could be the game for you. Like all good drinking games, it’s simple and easy to play. Although whether you’ll make it to the end of the game is another question entirely.

So, before we take a look at how you play Power Hour, let’s take a more in-depth look at what the game is all about.

What is The Power Hour Drinking Game?

What is The Power Hour Drinking Game

Power Hour is quite unique compared to other drinking games. Instead of facing off against each other, this drinking game is more of an endurance test. There are no cards like in Waterfall or other game pieces needed at all.

Players should be seated with a shot glass in front of them. You’ll need at least a dozen or so cans of beer nearby as well. However, you can use other beverages as well, although we don’t recommend anything overly strong.

In Power Hour, players will need to take a shot every minute, so you will want to avoid heavier drinks. Player’s can drop out at any time and will be eliminated if they don’t take a shot within the time limit.

But how do you keep track of the time, you ask? Well, you use music to time each round. After a minute passes, another song will play, and you should immediately take your shot. While you could make your own playlist, there are plenty of premade videos you can play on YouTube.

Like this one that includes music from the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 2010s, you could also take turns playing a minute of a song from your smartphone too. While some people do play Power Hour without music, they instead just use a stopwatch or timer; this version isn’t really as fun, in our opinion. So, now you know more about the game, let’s take a look at what you’ll need in order to play.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play the Power Hour drinking game, you’ll need music, shot glasses, and beer. Although if you aren’t a fan of beer, you can use other alcoholic beverages. But stay away from anything overly strong.

Since Power Hour can last for sixty rounds, you don’t want to risk anyone getting wasted after their first few shots. Every player will need their own shot glass, so make sure you have enough to go around.

These colorful acrylic shot glasses would make a great choice. Power Hour can be played with as little as two people but is best played with a larger group of six or more people. While the game can be played in a bar, it’s best played at home.


You’ll also need a way to play music out loud so everyone can tell when a new round starts. Simply playing music through a smartphone is a great way to accomplish this. So, now you know what you need to play, let’s talk about the rules and general gameplay.

The Power Hour Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Power Hour Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

The aim of Power Hour is like any other drinking game to win! You win by being the last player drinking, and there can be more than one winner as well. Although it’s also possible that no player will make it to the end of the game.

To win Power Hour under traditional rules, a player will need to make it through all sixty rounds. However, depending on how flexible you want to be, you can, of course, award the last player to quit as the winner. After all, Power Hour is a drinking game, so you don’t have to worry too much about the rules. The end goal is to have fun!

Setting Up

To set up a game of Power Hour, the first thing you should do is get everyone a shot glass. Once everyone is seated, everyone should pour their first glass. Ensure the beer (or the beverage you are using) is within easy access of each player. Then start the music, and the game begins.

Playing Power Hour

For the next hour, everyone seated will be playing Power Hour. After sixty seconds, a player should take a shot. Ideally, players should take their shot straightaway. However, as long as they drink before the next song starts, they will still be in the game.

The Power Hour drinking game is very much an endurance test in many respects. Sixty shots are certainly a lot, and getting to the end will definitely be a challenge. The gameplay is straightforward, but winning (or making it to the end) won’t be easy.

So, don’t be surprised if you don’t make it all the way to the final round during your first few turns. After all, the aim is to really have fun! Of course, if you do make it to the end and finish all sixty shots, then you are the winner!

Game Strategy

So, now you know how to play Power Hour, let’s talk strategy, shall we? In Power Hour, all you need to do is drink a shot every minute. This will, of course, get more difficult as the game goes on. But if you want to win, then you should try to distract your opponents as much as you can!

Talk to other players and try to distract them subtly so they’ll forget to drink. There is no rule saying you can’t do this, and if you want to increase your chances of winning, don’t be afraid to play a little dirty if you need to!

Rule Variations

There are a number of rule variations to Power Hour. The most common variation being the last player remains the rule. With this rule, a player won’t need to drink all sixty shots to win. They simply need to be the last player drinking.

Another rule variation worth knowing about is the water rule. In this rule, after every ten drinks, players should drink water shots for five to ten rounds. This can be a good variation for first-timers as it will help ensure player’s don’t get utterly drunk right away.

Finally, there is the living rule, which means players can miss a shot and still stay in the game. The amount of lives you give players is really up to you. This can be a good rule to use if you are only playing with a few other people. As it will help ensure the game still lasts a good few rounds.

Power Hour – A True Test of Endurance!

So, that’s everything you need to know about the Power Hour drinking game! This drinking game is unique because there is no real luck involved like you might expect. The game is all about endurance and seeing how long you can last. If you’re looking for a more straightforward drinking game that will be a real test of will, this is the game for you.

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