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Players C-960 Pool Cue Review {Complete Buyer’s Guide}

Any Pool player will know how vital their cue is when it comes to playing. The pool isn’t an easy game to master, and players will often spend a lot of time looking for the right cue. There is certainly no shortage of options these days, but how does the Players C-960 pool cue measure up?

Players is a brand even beginners to billiards should be familiar with. They have a wide range of cues available to fit a variety of different budgets and skill levels. This makes them a popular choice for Pool enthusiasts.

But while having plenty of choices is definitely a good thing, it can make it challenging to find the right cue for your needs. There is a lot of difference between what a beginner, intermediate player, and professional would want in a Pool cue, after all.

So, let’s take a look at the Players C-960 and see how it measures up, shall we? Like always, we’ll begin our review with a look at the cue’s specs and features. Before examining the pros and cons, we’ll even try to answer some frequently asked questions

Specifications of Players C-960 Pool Cue

Length58 Inches – 2 Piece Design
Weight18 – 21 Ounces
MaterialsNorth American Hard Rock Maple, Birdseye Maple, with Stainless Steel Additions
WrapDouble Pressed Irish Linen
Pin5/17 x 18
Taper Shaft13mm Pro
Tip13mm Premium Le Pro Leather
WarrantyYes – Lifetime

So, that covers the important numbers but to thoroughly review the Players C-960, we need to go a bit more in-depth. We’ve broken our review into key sections so you can fully judge whether this is the right Pool cue for you. We’ll start with arguably the most important factor, the cue’s construction.

Players C-960 Pool Cue Review

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The Players C-960 is made with two kinds of Maple wood. This isn’t unusual when it comes to 2-piece Pool cues. The butt and forearm are made with Birdseye Maple, while the shaft is made with North American Hard Rock Maple.

The wood uses an extensive drying process to help ensure maximum strength and greater resistance against warping/ bending. Players say this process takes around six months. So, these cues aren’t just quickly put together; it’s a very intensive manufacturing process.

The cue also features a Nelsonite coating which is a high-quality wood stabilizer. So, a lot has gone into building and manufacturing the Players C-960 cue. While this is considered an entry-level cue, it’s very strong, and its construction is certainly high-quality. It will feel great in your hands and is easy and comfortable to hold.


Yes, aesthetics are important when it comes to buying your very own Pool cue. There are some very luxurious Pool cues available, so how does the Players C-960 measure up? The first thing you’ll likely notice with this cue is the high-gloss UV finish.

This gives the butt of the cue a nice shine and even helps protect it against scratches and fading. The cue also comes in three distinct colors: red, brown, and blue. All three colors complement a sharp, eye-catching design that isn’t too overpowering.

The stainless steel additions complement the black Irish Linen Wrap to form a very stylish Pool cue. The Design of the Players C-960 is more subtle in many respects. But it all goes together nicely to create an elegant Pool cue that wouldn’t look out of place in a fancy Pool movie.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is all about playability, so how does the Players C-960 feel to use? Well, the Irish Linen Wrap provides a comfortable, secure hold. Irish Linen Wraps are used in many Pool cues for this exact reason. But it would have been nice to see other wrap options for some extra versatility.

At 58” inches, it’s a good height and weight, so it should be easy enough for beginners to use. The premium tip will give you a robust and accurate shot too. This isn’t a tip you should have to replace yourself. Overall the Players C-960 covers all the essential fundamentals. It might not be the most standout Pool cue available, but it covers all the necessities and is easy to use.

You can even get this cue in a variety of different weight limits. The manufacturer offers it in half-ounce increments from 18-21 ounces. So, you have some leeway when it comes to getting this cue at your ideal weight.


When you’re buying a Pool cue, the price is often going to be the deciding factor. So, how is the Players C-960 priced? Well, it’s currently priced at $125 online, which is a fair price for a high-quality entry-level Pool cue like this.

This might seem like a high price, but it’s actually very competitively priced for everything you get. There are much more expensive cues that aren’t as impressive as the Players C-960. So, if you’re looking for a stylish, high-quality cue, the Players C-960 would undoubtedly be a good choice.

The Players C-960 does come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty as well. This is an added peace of mind and makes the C-960 even more appealing. The investment is definitely worth it when you consider the whole package.

Pros and Cons

Before we conclude our thoughts about the Players C-960, let’s take a look at the main pros and cons to be aware of. There are certainly some impressive features and specs to the C-960, but no Pool cue is without its potential issues.


  • Very High-Quality Construction
  • Extra Anti-Warping Protection
  • Elegant Eye-Catching Design
  • Lifetime Warranty Included
  • Relatively Budget-Friendly


  • Not Many Options For Customization
  • 10-Year-Old Design
  • Lacking A Low-Deflection Shaft

Our Verdict On The Players C-960

So, taking everything into account, what’s our final verdict on the Players C-960? Overall we think this Pool cue is definitely very high-quality. With a very strong build and excellent construction, it would make a tremendous entry-level Pool cue.

But more experienced Pool players will undoubtedly find value in it as well. The Design is elegant and subtle, and each of the three color options is vibrant and eye-catching. The price is very fair for everything you get as well.

You also have the added peace of mind in getting a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. There are a few potential issues like the lack of a low-deflection shaft and only limited customization options, but overall this is a very high-quality Pool cue.

The Players C-960 ticks a lot of boxes and would be sure to make a more than satisfactory purchase. It’s ideal for beginners but offers plenty for more intermediate players too. If you’re looking for a new Pool cue, then the Players C-960 is worth considering. It’s incredible quality at a fair and competitive price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we sum up our thoughts about the Players C-960, we have put together some FAQs to help you make a more informed decision. After all, everyone will have questions when it comes to buying a Pool cue.

Q1. Does The Players C-960 Cue Have Any Limitations?

While the Players C-960 is a great overall package, you should be aware of a few limitations. For one thing, this cue is a decade old this year. This isn’t always a bad thing, but newer, more modern cues are available these days.

The C-960 also isn’t quite as customizable as some other cues. While it can come in a few different weights, that is really the only option you have for customization, aside from the color, of course.

For example, some alternative cues will offer different wraps, but the C-960 only offers double pressed Irish linen. This is definitely a high-quality wrap, but having more options would have been appreciated. The lack of a low-deflection shaft is also a bit of a letdown. Although given this cues price range, it isn’t overly surprising.

Q2. Is This Cue Suitable For Professionals?

A professional Pool player could definitely use the Players C-960. However, this is a cue that is designed for beginners to more intermediate players. Skilled, more experienced Pool players will likely find other cues that are more to their liking.

Q3. Is The Players C-960 Fairly Priced?

At around $120 on average, the Players C-960 is undoubtedly reasonably priced, in our view. While there are cheaper options available, you can’t really argue with what you get for the price. The Players C-960 is very high-quality for the price, making it a good cue for beginners looking to get into Pool.

Q4. Would The Players C-960 Be Good For Beginners?

Almost definitely! In fact, the Players C-960 is designed for beginners and is classed as an entry-level cue. So, if you are tired of using the cues you find down at the pub and are looking for an upgrade, this cue would make a great choice. More experienced intermediate players will likely find it to be a good choice as well.

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