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Liverpool Rummy: Advanced Tips and Strategies

Rummy or Gin Rummy, if you prefer, is a classic card game that everyone can enjoy. However, like many card games, Rummy has several variations. Liverpool Rummy, like many games, has a very mysterious history.
But from the name, we can tell this game was created in Liverpool or at the very least was very popular in the Northern English city. But we aren’t here to learn about the history so let’s look at what the game is all about.

What is Liverpool Rummy?

Rummy is a game with many variations; we’ve previously talked about Rummy 500 and Shanghai Rummy, but Liverpool Rummy is similar to the classic Contact Rummy. In this game, players play numerous rounds and aim to have the lowest total value in their hands at the end of each deal.

At the end of every round/ deal, each player’s score is written down. Once all the rounds have been played, the player with the lowest total score will win! That’s the basics of how Liverpool Rummy works, but there are a few more things to learn about the game.

While Liverpool Rummy isn’t an overly complicated game, the rules change slightly based on the number of players. Liverpool Rummy can be played between 3 to 8 players, making it an excellent group card game. Read on to learn more about how this game is played.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play Liverpool Rummy, you’ll need playing cards, but the amount you need will depend on the number of players. For example, you’ll need two decks of cards if you’re playing with 3 or 4 people, and if five or more people are playing, you’ll need three decks.

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Now Liverpool Rummy does have a rather unusual approach because it uses the Joker cards! So, make sure you keep them in the deck; you’d be surprised just how many people remove them without realizing they’re needed.

How to Play Liverpool Rummy?

How to Play Liverpool Rummy?

The Aim of The Game

Liverpool Rummy is a very strategic card game, and if you’re a beginner, winning could take some luck. But like all good card games, the more you play, the better you’ll get. To win, you need to get the lowest score after all rounds/ deals have been played.

Liverpool Rummy has seven rounds so that the game can last a while. It is a great game to play with friends, especially if you’re looking for a new game to add to your next games night. But before you play, make sure you read our guide carefully.

The Set-Up

Remember to choose the right amount of decks. For example, if you have 3 or 4 players, you use two decks of cards, and if there are 5 – 8 players, you should use three decks instead. Once the decks are ready, everyone should take their seat, and then you’ll need to choose a dealer.

The dealer doesn’t have an advantage (or disadvantage), so anyone can volunteer. The dealer will then shuffle the decks and begin dealing with the cards. The first four rounds should deal ten cards to each player, and for the final three rounds, they should deal 12 cards instead.

When the dealer has finished dealing, they should place one card face up in the center. This card will start the discard pile for the round. The player to the dealer’s left will go first, so let’s talk about what players need to do on their turn.

The Rules

To win, Liverpool Rummy players need to reduce the value of their hands. They do this by laying down sets or hands on their turn. A set is three or more cards of the same rank, while a run is a series of four or more cards in a numerical sequence.

This might sound simple, but what makes Liverpool Rummy tricky is that the rules change for each round. On each of the seven rounds, players will need to fulfill specific requirements to play cards. To see each round’s requirements check the list below.

  • Round 1 – Players need to put down two sets.
  • Round 2 – Players need to play one set and one run.
  • Round 3 – Players need to play two runs of cards.
  • Round 4 – Players need to play three sets.
  • Round 5 – Players need to play two sets and one run.
  • Round 6 – Players need to play two runs and one set.
  • Round 7 – Players need to play three runs and have no cards left to discard.

So, in your turn, you’ll need to meet the requirements of each round to play down cards. There is much more to Liverpool Rummy than just this, and we’ll go over all these details in the advanced tips section below.

Advanced Tips

Playing down your cards is just the beginning of your turn in Liverpool Rummy. Once you’ve played, you can also discard a card, and these are placed into a separate face-up discard pile. Then, at any point (on their turn), a player can buy a card from the face-up pile.

However, if a player does buy the card, they must take another card from the face-down discard pile. Another advanced tip to remember is playing your cards on other players’ sets or runs. If you have a card you can add to some already played; you can lay them down.

Finally, another thing to remember is calling Rummy. Rummy can be called if a player discards a card they could have added to another player’s playing cards. If a player spots this and calls Rummy, the offending player will need to pick up their discarded card and take another from the face-down discard pile.

Ideally, a player should aim to go “all-out” during their turn. This is done by playing all their cards; remember, the round doesn’t end till all players can no longer lay down any cards. So, as the game goes on, you’ll have more chances to play cards. Any cards that aren’t played are tallied up, and the points should be written down.

Card Rankings

Before you go, there is one other important thing to remember: how the cards are ranked in Liverpool Rummy. Joker cards aren’t listed because they act as wild cards do in Uno. So, they are precious. Cards are listed below from highest to lowest value, and we have also listed their point value alongside them.

  • Ace – 15 Points
  • King – 10 Points
  • Queen – 10 Points
  • Jack – 10 Points
  • Number 10 – 10 Points
  • Number 9 – 5 Points
  • Number 8 – 5 Points
  • Number 7 – 5 Points
  • Number 6 – 5 Points
  • Number 5 – 5 Points
  • Number 4 – 5 Points
  • Number 3 – 5 Points
  • Number 2 – 5 Points
  • Ace – 15 Points

Like the 21 card game, the Ace cards can be either the highest or lowest in a sequence. Joker cards have a 20 point value, so while valuable leaving them in your hand can also backfire, so utilize them carefully.

Liverpool Rummy: An In-Depth Game of Strategy

Liverpool Rummy can look a little intimidating at first glance, can’t it? While there is undoubtedly a learning curve, the game is more beginner-friendly than you might think. If you love more strategic card games, this is the game for you.

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