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How to Play Washer Toss Game – Rules and Plans

When it comes to outdoor/ garden games, it can seem like your options are endless. There are plenty of sports you can play, but if you want a game everyone can enjoy, Washer Toss would be a fine choice. 

Washer Toss goes by many names, including Washer Pitching and Washers. This game’s exact origins aren’t known, but it was likely a variant of other similar outdoor games like Horseshoes

Washer Toss and Horseshoes do have quite a few similarities. But they aren’t the same game by any means. If you want to give Washer Toss a try, let’s take a look at everything you need to know. 

What is Washer Toss?

Washer Toss is a ring toss-style game. Players have to throw washers towards the washer box. The washer box has a smaller cylinder pipe at its center called a cup. Players will score more points if their washer goes into the cup. 

But points are also scored for going into the washer box as well. Once players have thrown all their washers, the points are tallied up, and the winner is declared. Washer Toss is a straightforward garden game that you can easily play with family and friends. 

The rules are simple, and the game can even be played in several different ways. Players can all shoot towards the same washer box. Or they can have their individual one they must target. 

Before we talk about how to play Washer Toss in more detail, let’s take a look at what you need to play the game. 

What You’ll Need To Play 

To play Washer Toss, you’ll need a game set. This will include washers and the washer box. Now while these are available in shops, they can be hard to find. But thankfully, there are plenty of sets available online. 

This wooden Washer Toss set is an excellent example of what you can get. While wooden sets are popular, you can also find sets made from other materials. This plastic Washer Toss set is another great choice. 

Most Washer Toss sets will come with washers included. But you can also purchase Washers separately as well. Before we take a look at how you play Washer Toss, let’s take a quick look at how the washers work. 

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The Washers

Washers are small circular throwing discs. Washers are normally around two to three inches in diameter. They can be made from a range of different materials but are normally metal or plastic. 

Washers come in many different colors and designs, which gives you a way to personalize your game. When playing, make sure each player uses different colors/ designs to tell their washers apart. 

Washer Toss Rules and Gameplay 

Washer Toss Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game 

The aim of Washer Toss is simple. Players throw their washers and the player who scores the highest wins! There are plenty of house rules when it comes to Washer Toss but the basic gameplay is simple, fast, and fun. 

Set Up 

To set up the game you should place the washer box on level ground, and each player should stand an equal distance away from it. You can decide the distance yourself but it is usually around 15 – 20 feet. 

If you are having trouble judging a fair distance, simply take 10 paces back from the washer box. Younger players will normally stand closer to make the game fairer. 

You should also try to ensure the washer box isn’t near potential hazards like windows or pots. Washers, when thrown with enough force, could easily break something or hurt someone. So, make sure there’s enough space to play safely. 

Playing Washer Toss 

Once everyone is in position, players should decide who will throw first. Every player should have the same number of washers. In traditional games, every player will have 4 washers. But you can have more or less. 

Players can take turns throwing their washers one at a time. Or a player can throw all their washers, and then the play will move to the next player. How you decide to throw isn’t important as long as all players follow the same rules. 

Any washer that lands in the washer box will score 1 point. While any washer then goes into the cup in the center of the box will score 3 points. Washers that don’t land in the box will score no points. 

After every player has thrown their washers, the scores should be tallied. The highest score will win. If two (or more) players have the same score then you can either declare a draw or they can throw again to decide the winner. 

House Rules 

Washer Toss is a very casual, friendly garden game perfect for family barbecues and parties. While the game can easily be played with its classic traditional ruleset, you can also utilize many other fun house rules to add new twists to the game. We’ve listed some of the more popular house rules you can try below. 

Cup Only 

With this rule, you will only score points by throwing your washer into the cup. If you are a veteran Washer Toss player, then this can be a fun challenge. 

Avoid The Cup 

This house rule reverses the core concept of the game. Because landing in the cup will minus a point from your score. This is a fun challenge for players and really flips the game on its head. 

First To 21 

With this house rule, instead of just throwing 4 (or whatever your set amount is) washers, each player will take turns throwing one washer at a time. The game will continue until one player reaches 21 points. The first player to reach this wins! 

Bonus Score 

This house rule will add a bonus to your score if you get multiple washers in the cup. For every extra washer you get in the cup, you add an extra 2 points! 

Washer Toss – A Wondrous Outdoor Game 

Washer Toss offers you everything you could need from an outdoor party game! It’s easy to learn but challenging to master and offers you plenty of room to develop your strategy. Plus, with a great variety of house rules, you can alter the game to create new twists and challenges. 

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