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Flip Cup Drinking Game | Rules & How to Play?

While Beer Pong might be the most well-known drinking game, Flip Cup is likely the closest runner-up. Some people even confuse the two games, but they are very different.

Let’s take a look at how you play Flip Cup in more detail.

What is The Flip Cup Drinking Game?

What is The Flip Cup Drinking Game

If you are bored of games like King’s Cup, then Flip Cup is a perfect choice. This drinking game can be played with a minimum of two people but is best played with a larger group, in our opinion.

You’ll also likely need a large table to play the game, although you could probably play sitting down on the floor if you’re careful. The first thing to do is separate into two equal teams and have each player sitting opposite each other.

Each player should have a plastic cup in front of them filled with beer. At the end of the table, the two players should toast each other and then drink. Now, this is where the game gets tricky; once the two players have drunk, they should place their cups at the table’s edge.

Both players should then attempt to flip the cup over using one finger so it lands smoothly face down on the table. This might sound easy enough, but it can be surprisingly tricky to accomplish, especially if you are drunk.

Once one player manages to flip the cup, the next player in their team can drink and attempt to do the same. The winning team will be the first to flip all their cups. This is the basics of how Flip Cup works, but you need to know some other rules.

But before we look at those and how you set up a game of Flip Cup, let’s look at what you’ll need to play. You’ll need to do some prep work to play this drinking game, but it’s well worth the time.

What You’ll Need to Play?

To play Flip Cup, you’ll, of course, need some alcohol. Beer is the most popular choice, but you could use pretty much anything, although we recommend staying away from the harder spirits. You’ll also need plenty of disposable plastic cups similar to those you’d use in games like Stack Cup.

These 16 Ounce Plastic Cups would make a great option. Once you’ve got your cups and alcohol, you need to make sure you have a suitable playing space. A large table would be the best option, but you can also play on the floor as long as it is relatively flat.

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Rules and Gameplay

Rules and Gameplay

The Aim of The Game

While this is a drinking game and much like the Shrek Drinking Game, the main goal is to simply have fun! Now, because this is a team-based game, you’ll be playing to win. But win or lose, you’re sure to enjoy playing Flip Cup.

The Set-Up

Setting up a game of Flip Cup can take a bit of work, especially if there are lots of people playing. But the good news is it’s pretty simple; first, put out all the cups you need, and remember, every player should have one cup.

Fill each cup with an equal amount of beer (or your beverage of choice) and then separate people into two equal teams. Each person should stand in front of their beer, and then the two starting players should toast to start the game.

Playing Flip Cup

Once the two lead players have toasted each other, you can begin play. Once each player has drunk their drink, they should attempt to flip their cup. This is done by placing their cup at the edge of the table.

Players should then use one finger to flip the cup facedown on the table. If you don’t manage this the first time, simply keep resetting the position of the cup til you manage it. Once you manage to flip the cup, the next player in your team will take their turn.

This gameplay pattern continues till one team finishes flipping all their cups. Once this is done, that team is declared the winner, and everyone on the losing team should take another drink! That’s the basics of the game explained, but there are a few additional penalty rules you’ll need to know.

Penalty Rules

There are a few additional penalty rules to know when playing Flip Cup. The first is about flipping the cups themselves. There are some particular rules for doing this, so check out the bullet points below.

  • Cups can’t be blown or manipulated in any way without being touched.
  • Cups must only be touched with one finger.

If you spot another player breaking this rule, they must take another penalty drink and reset their cup position. Finally, if another empty cup is accidentally knocked over during the game, then that cup will have to be refilled and drunk from again.

Then it will need to be reflipped back into position before you can carry on. Knocking over other cups will slow down your progress, so play carefully and try to avoid accidental knocks.

Two-Player Flip Cup Games

While Flip Cup isn’t really a two-player game in the traditional sense, it can make quite a fun one with a slight rule change. The game is played in much the same way, but each player will move down the table after flipping each cup.

The rules are the same each player drinks and then flips each cup. With only two players racing against each other, this game can be pretty frantic and fun. So, while it’s not a traditional two-player drinking game, it can still be quite fun.

The Flip Cup Drinking Game – Competitive and Co-operative Fun!

Flip Cup is a fun drinking game perfect for larger groups of people. While, like all drinking games, it’s focused on being fun, there is also a competitive element to the game that makes it quite unique.

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