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Family Feud Card Game: Rules and How to Play?

If you’ve sat around your lounge watching the 1970s game show family feud, you’ll already know what an entertaining game this is. Of course, the card game version is slightly different, and you won’t get to be on television, but still, it’s immensely fun.

I love how they haven’t messed around with this game too much or tried to change it. The family feud card game rules are just the same as the ones you will have seen on TV, only simplified slightly, making them easy to play in the comfort of your living room.

The idea of the game is to work with your family and friends to answer quick-fire questions. There is little skill involved, and the questions that are asked are pretty simple, so you don’t need to be a pro at trivial pursuits to be able to participate.

 It’s a great game to get the whole family interacting, and it is suitable for adults and children.

So, let’s work on the rules and learn how to play family feud card games at home.

Setting Up The Game

To set up your game, shuffle the cards and select someone to be the host (the person who can make the best impression of Steve Harvey is always a good choice). The host will read the questions, mark strikes on the board, and reveal point values and answers.

Next, you need to shuffle the Fast-Money cards and the Face-Off cards and divide all the players, minus the host, into two even teams.

Each team needs to select a captain, then. If you are playing with just three people, one person will be the host, and the other two players will compete against each other as their team. 

What You’ll Need To Play Family Feud?

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You can play Family Feud with up to eight people, I find the more, the better, and the only thing you’ll need to play it is one of the official sets, such as the Spin Master Platinum Family Feud Signature Game. Another version that I discovered recently is the Disney Family Feud Card Game, which is fabulous for kids.

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Inside the game kit, you will have money cards, face-off cards, a money pad, and two face-off pads; that is everything you need to play.

Well, you will also need a decent-sized table and pencil and some form of a buzzer. You can download these onto your phone or buy them online at Amazon.

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How to Play Family Feud Card Game?

The game’s main aim is to answer questions with your team and try to guess the most popular answers.

For example, the question could “name things that people said go with peanut butter,” of course, the top answer is likely to be jelly, and then there will be other answers in order of popularity. The more popular the solution, the more points it will be worth.

During each game, you will go through four rounds: Face-Off and one Fast Money Bonus round. The team captains take the first turn.

Face Off – Round One

The game begins with the two captains simultaneously trying to answer a question from a specific category. Whoever hits the buzzers gets to answer first.

For the first round, the captains must correctly guess the top answer. This is how to move forward with their team to answer the rest of the questions. If they fail, it’s the chance for the other captain to guess the correct answer.

If both captains fail to get an answer right, then the second person in line should now take a guess. If you’re playing with just three players, the turns will go back and forth between the two opponents.

Your host will keep a score of the points accumulated using the Face Off Answer Pad. Whichever team scores the highest in the first round can play a question or pass it to the other team. Whoever is answering this question is now the team in control.

Throughout the Face Off rounds, if any players give an answer, which is the top answers board, they will receive a strike. This will be marked as an “X.” If a team gets three strikes, they’re out of the round, giving the other team a chance to steal it.

Each round won is worth a certain amount of points.

Winning a Round

This can be done by each person on the opposing team calling out what they think could be an answer.

If the team in control manages to guess all the top answers without receiving three strikes, the points are added and marked on the scorecard. However, getting three strikes before all the answers have been guessed will give the other team a chance to steal the round.

The captain of the team then selects one of those answers to submit. If it’s on the board, that team takes all the points added to the scoreboard. However, the controlling team takes the points if their answer is not on the board.

Round Two

The following person plays the second round in line from each team, who must answer the question read out by the host. The rules are precisely the same as round one; the only difference is that the points are doubled. I’ll discuss this more in the scoring section.

Round Three

The next player in line takes their turn in round three, which is just the same as the previous two rounds, answering the question from the host and trying to guess the top answers.

The points value for round three is also doubled.

The Final Round – Fast Money Bonus

For the final round, select one player from each team. These players will not be allowed any help whatsoever throughout this round.

The host selects five questions for these two players to attempt to answer within a certain amount of time. The players will then have one minute to try and answer the questions correctly and as fast as possible. Also, players are not allowed to have the same answer.

If one of the players gives an answer that isn’t on the board, they can try and answer again.

After both players have given all their answers and the time is up, the host will reveal the answers and their point value scores, and the team with the most points wins the game. 


The kit has two scoring pads, the Fast Money scorepad and a Face Off Answer pad.

During the Face Off rounds, you will need to put the answers and point values onto the answer pad. Each question has a points value, which increases as you move through the rounds; round one is standard points, two and three are double points, and the final round is triple points.

Your host should be the one to keep track of the scoring throughout the game and do the final calculations at the end to determine the winner.

Key Points

So, that’s how to play the Family Feud card game. A battle of wits, common sense, and quick thinking. Can you beat your opposing team to guess the most popular answers?

All you need to remember when playing this game is that the more pronounced the answer, the higher the points. It is as simple as that.

Personally, I think this game works much better when you have around 5-9 players (including your host). Still, you can enjoy it with only three players if you have a smaller group.

It’s a great game that will bring everyone together on your next game night, and also a brilliant game to get the kids involved.

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