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Dizzy Date Card Game: Rules And How to Play?

Are you looking to introduce something a little different, a bit flirty, to your next night in with your other half?

Well, I’ve got the game you’re looking for.

The dizzy Date card is a playful game that aims to spice up any date night and bring couples together over some alluring flirtation that might ignite a spark in your evening and relationship.

The game involves various questions and challenges that aim to keep you engaged and entertained for hours. By the time you’ve finished reading my helpful guide, you’ll know everything there is to know about the exciting game of Dizzy Date.

What You’ll Need to Play Dizzy Date

This part’s pretty straightforward because you don’t need much to play this wicked game of banter and cheeky innuendos.

Firstly you’ll need to get yourself a set of Dizzy Date cards. Once you’ve got that, you’re pretty much set, just bring along your sense of humor and find a comfortable place to sit.

Shuffle And Deal

It doesn’t matter who shuffles and who deals. I’ll leave that for you to decide; you’ll probably take turns to do it anyway, as you’ll want to play this more than once. It’s addictive like that.

However, if one of you is as rubbish as my partner is when it comes to card shuffling, you should invest in an automatic card shuffler to save face, especially if you’re trying to woo your guest.

Once we’ve got the shuffling challenge out of the way, it’s time to start playing.

Dizzy Date Card Game – The Rules And How to Play

Dizzy Date Card Game - The Rules And How to Play

As I mentioned earlier, this is a game of challenges and questions designed to get you and your partner interacting on a new level and engaging in one another’s presence.

You’ll be playing the game in rounds, each with a single question or challenge.

Start by drawing a card from the Dizzy Date deck and reading the question to your partner. If you’ve drawn a drink card, this refers to both you and your partner, the rest of the cards, however, address only the player who drew the card.

You must complete the action, challenge, or answer the question on the card.

Once you’ve done your card, it’s your partner’s turn to take a dare or answer a question. The game continues like this until all the cards have been played or you and your partner decide to bring the game to a halt for any reason.

Question And Challenge Examples

Below are a few actions and questions you should be prepared for when playing the Dizzy Dates card game.

  • Slap your partner on the butt, or drink three times.
  • Guess the color of your partners’ underwear; if you’re wrong, drink!
  • Drink if you made the first move.
  • Take off an item of your partners’ clothing using only your teeth.
  • Remove an item of your clothing (socks don’t count)
  • Perform a body shot off your partner


There isn’t a scoring system for Dizzy Dates. It’s more a case of trying to get you to engage with your partner and make the most of each other’s company, sometimes pushing you slightly outside of your comfort zones.

However, you can if you’re a competitive pair and wish to introduce an ante.

You could use a point-scoring system. For example, a complete challenge earns a point, and a failed challenge loses two points. It also encourages you to participate in more tasks if you think about chickening out of anything.


Dizzy Dates is a fun card game that challenges couples to create the perfect date.

With various challenges and questions to choose from, couples must use their creativity and step out of their comfort zone to complete the actions at hand.

It’s a great game for couples wishing to spice up their love life with laughter, fun, and exciting challenges.

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