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Cambio Card Game: Rules and How to Play?

The Cambio card game is my absolute favorite! I can’t get enough of the strategic gameplay and the thrill of outsmarting my opponents.

The game is all about building the best card combinations while unleashing powerful moves to beat the competition.

Cambio is a fantastic game that deserves to be enjoyed by everyone, so in my guide, I’ll break down the rules, explain the different card types, and provide tips on creating winning strategies.

Get ready to dive into the world of Cambio and experience the excitement firsthand!

What You’ll Need to Play Cambio Card Game?

The best thing about Cambio is that to play, all you need is a standard deck of cards, as little as two players, and pen and paper to keep score. It’s as simple as that—no expensive game boards or equipment.

If you don’t already have a deck of cards or want to update your old tatty pack, check out these cool black waterproof cards; they’ll impress your guests.

Okay, you got all that? Then you’re ready to play Cambio.

How to Play Cambio Card Game? The Objective and Rules

How to Play Cambio Card Game? The Objective and Rules

The aim of the game is similar to that of Swoop, whereas, by the end of the game, your goal is to have the least amount of points.

Cambio is split into different rounds, and at the start of the first round, each player is dealt four cards. These cards (your hand) must be left face-down for the entirety of the game. However, you can take a peek at two of the cards and memorize them.

The cards should be laid out flat, in a square formation. The rest of the cards go to the center of the table and become the stockpile.

Now it’s time for the first player to make their move. It involves taking a card from either your hand or the stockpile. You can then choose whether to discard it or replace one of your cards with it.

Once a card has been discarded, it becomes “activated.” What I mean by this is that each card has a different rule, score, or action required. Only after a card has been discarded does this come into play.

Check out the card rules section of this guide to learn the meanings of each card.

Once any card has been discarded, it also means that you can discard any other cards from either your or your opponent’s hand.

If you discard one of your opponent’s cards, presuming you’ve correctly guessed, you can give them one, leaving you with three cards.

Only once you’re convinced you have the lowest-scoring hand at the table can you call out, “Cambio!” You’re now to sit back from the game until the end.

Once the game ends, if you are the lowest-scoring player, you score “0”; however, if you guessed wrong, you’re given 25 points.

At the end of the game, all points are added together, and more rounds are played. Play until one person reaches 100 points, or set several rounds to play.

The person with the least points at the end of all rounds is the winner.

Card Rules

As I mentioned previously, once activated, each card holds a specific action, requirement, or score. These are as follows:

  • Joker: 0 Points
  • Ace: 1 Point
  • Numbers 2 to 6: Face Value
  • 7 and 8: Take a look at one card from your hand
  • 9 and 10: Take a look at one card from any opponent’s hand
  • Jack: Blindly swap a card from your hand with one of your opponents
  • Queen: Swap a card with an opponent after looking at both cards
  • Red King: 1 Point
  • Other Kings: 10 Points

Hints and Tips When Playing Cambio Card Game?

I can give a few bits of advice when playing Cambio that’ll give you a bit of an advantage, or at least they’ve always worked for me.

  • Always use the 7’s and 8’s; the more you know, the better.
  • Using the 9s and 10s can help you know what the other players are planning.
  • The longer the game is, the chances of your opponents beating you increase.
  • Keep an eye on the cards the other players are taking from the stockpile.
  • Your turn is void if you don’t call “Cambio!” on your last card.

Sticking Cards

There’s an additional rule which some people don’t follow when playing Cambio. Any time a card is placed on the discard pile, you can stick one of your cards to it if it’s of the same value.

You can only stick one card at a time, and you’ve got to do it fast before the next player begins their turn.

You can do this at any point in the game, even if it’s not your turn.

However, if you make a mistake and stick to the wrong card, you must take back your card, plus the penalty card.

Let’s Hustle

And there we have it, that’s how you play Cambio, the card game for two players or more that’s certain to spark your evening entertainment. If you enjoyed learning about this card game, why not expand your gaming knowledge even further and find out all about the Caravan card game?

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