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7 Best Multi-Game Tables to Buy

You love pool. You love air hockey and table tennis and a host of other games too, but with limited space in your home, you’re left to choose just one game to bring home and enjoy.

It’s this exact problem that the best multi-game tables on the market were invented to solve.

They are allowing fans of all types of games to swap between their favorites whenever the mood takes them, often with no more difficulty than flipping a table upside down or adding a new layer on top of it.

For this guide, we’ve tried, tested, and reviewed dozens of best-selling multi-game tables to come up with what we think are the 7 very best around using criteria based around quality, design, ease-of-use and, of course, the number of games included.

Here’s our picks:

Top 7 Best Multi-Game Tables to Buy

1.Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Game Table
2.MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set
3.Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table
4.Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table 
5.Lancaster 3 in 1 Combo Arcade Table
6.Franklin Sports 5 in 1 Sports Center Table Top
7.ESPN Sports  Indoor Arcade Gaming Set

1. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Game Table 

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Game Table

Combining three all-time classic bar games (pool, air hockey, and ping pong) into one versatile, high-quality set, the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Game Table is a worthy addition to any game room.

Measuring 7 feet in length by 3.6 feet in width, the table is large enough to ensure you can comfortably enjoy all three games yet still compact enough for those homes where space is at a premium. 

If there’s one thing we like best about the whole thing, it’s how easy it is to move between one game and the next.

Though it may take you an hour or so to get the table set up in the first place, everything after that is a breeze.

Just unlock the table latches, turn it over, and lock it into place again to quickly go from one game to the next.

That’s our favorite part, though yours might be the quality of both the playing surfaces and the accessories. 

Everything from pool cues to ping pong balls, air hockey mallets, and more is included in this set, so no matter which game you prefer to play first, you can get started as soon as the table is ready without having to buy anything else.

Each accessory is built to a good standard, maybe not the kind of professional-grade standard you’d get if you spent money buying each item separately, but certainly good enough to get many hours of quality gameplay out of it.

2. MD Sports Multi Game Combination Table Set

And the award for the most comprehensive and dynamic multi-game table out here goes to the MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set, a truly unique set-up that combines all manner of arcade games, traditional games, and even games you’ve probably never played before, into one awesome-looking table.

If you were hoping to play pool, you’d be disappointed with MD Sports as it’s the one game the company hasn’t included here, but boy, do they ever make up for it with the sheer number of games you can play.

Staples like table tennis and air hockey are present and correct, such as foosball, shoot-out basketball, and even indoor archery.

Prefer something a little less taxing? Simply turn over the table to play board games like backgammon, checkers, and chess

All told, there are 12 different games to try out, each one as easy to set up as the last and all with the equipment and game pieces you need to get started.

Quality-wise, this is definitely one of the best multi-game tables in terms of value for money. The table as a whole is solid and built to last, and even comes with adjustable legs so that young kids can enjoy using the table for years to come. 

3. Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table

On Sale Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table

One of the best multi-game tables designed especially for children, the Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table measures 4 feet in length by 2 feet in width and just over 2.6 feet in width, so it’s going to be much too small for most adult players.

Introduce this one to your kid’s room, however, and it’s sure to keep them well entertained, with over 13 different games for all ages and abilities.

This includes not only multi-game table staples like push hockey and table tennis, but archery, shoot-out basketball, and games of skill and strategy such as backgammon and chess.

What’s more, Triumph lives up to their name by going one better than the aforementioned MD Sports table by giving us a table and accessories to play pool. 

Quality-wise, this one is more than up to scratch for what you pay for it and while it’s never going to win any awards for its accessories, everything included is as solid and reliable as you’d expect from a product that is, first and foremost, a kid’s toy. 

Speaking of the kids, if there’s one thing we’d like to see Triumph do better, it’s making it easier to transition from one game to the next.

Going from pool to basketball, for example, can get a little fiddly, and you should expect your young ones to come and ask for your help when it comes to swapping games around. 

Otherwise, it’s a worthwhile investment for introducing the children to a wide variety of classic games.

4. Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table

A great addition to your family’s game room, the Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table contains one of those wonderful products that really offer something for everyone.

Younger children will love the push hockey and foosball while mom and dad indulge in throwback classics like shuffleboard and checkers.

Elsewhere, the pool table, table tennis set up and even the rare addition of ten-pin bowling all make a worthwhile addition to your family’s next game night.

Perhaps the best thing about this particular multi-game table is the design. Not only is it remarkably durable and damage-resistant, but it’s also one of the best-looking tables out there and despite requiring a couple of hours to put together at first, allows for effortless switching between games. 

The pool table serves as the base, the foosball table gets placed on top, and all of the other tabletops are simply stored in between so that all you have to do is lift things up and set them aside. 

Size-wise, this one measures almost 4 ft x 2 ft x 3 ft, so it may be another board that’s better suited for families with children, but otherwise, there’s an awful lot to like about this high-quality table.

5. Lancaster 3 in 1 Combo Arcade Table

No products found.

The Lancaster 3 in 1 Combo Arcade Table may not offer the most games, but when you see how attractive this one looks, we doubt you’ll mind very much at all.

Foosball, push hockey, and pool are the order of the day here, with the pool table serving as the base.

The other two games can simply be placed on top and secured into place using a similar latch-and-lock system to the Fat Cat 3-in-1 table we looked at earlier.

On the face of it, that may not seem too remarkable, but there’s something about the smooth, real-wood frame that gives it a certain luxurious quality we find irresistible.

Combined with the above-average construction, the deluxe game pieces, and the charming manual scoring function that gives the whole thing a somewhat retro feel, we can’t help but love the Lancaster 3-in-1, and we’re sure you will too.

6. Franklin Sports 5 in 1 Sports Center Table Top

On Sale Franklin Sports 5 in 1 Sports Center Table Top

Measuring just 18.5” x 10.5” x 3”, there’s no doubt that the super compact Franklin Sports 5 in 1 Sports Center Table Top is something of a novelty item, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Perfect for keeping on your desk at work or placing on the dining room table to keep the family entertained on those wet weekend afternoons, the table combines miniature versions of pool, push hockey, bowling, basketball and even a tabletop version of soccer that comes across as a unique hybrid of pinball and the classic British game of Subbuteo. 

Small though each game may be, adapting your playing style to the tiny table and playing pieces actually proves to be a skill in its own right and is often every bit as enjoyable for adults as it is for children. 

7. ESPN Sports Indoor Arcade Gaming Set

Last but not least, the ESPN Sports Indoor Arcade Gaming Set is a premium-brand, adult-friendly game table that comes in a variety of sizes from 5ft to 7.5ft.

That alone would make it a worthy addition to our list, serving as a solid option for anyone who finds the smaller stature of the other tables unsuitable. 

Still, it isn’t just the size that appeals here.

The ESPN gaming set is the best multi-game table for air hockey fans, as it’s the only table we’ve encountered that offers the real deal.

Almost all multi-game tables out there come with a variation of air hockey called push or glide hockey.

The rules and gameplay are the same, but that version of the game doesn’t include the electric motor, which blows air through holes in the table, meaning you’re basically sliding the puck around a static table.

That’s not the case here. The ESPN table offers a genuine electric air hockey game, complete with airflow, LED scoring system, and push-button controls.

There’s even integrated sound effects for that authentic arcade experience.

Elsewhere, the table can be quickly converted into a deluxe table tennis table complete with paddles, balls, and net. 

And that’s it. There are just two games on offer here which means it’s hardly the most versatile multi-gaming table around. Still, if you ask us, that’s not a bad thing.

ESPN has clearly focussed on quality over quantity here, and in that respect, their 2-in-1 air hockey and table tennis table is clearly a winner.

Multi-Game Table Buyer’s Guide 

With such a number of impressive options out there, choosing the best multi-game table can be a tough decision, especially when any one of them would guarantee hours of enjoyable gameplay.

In our experience, the best way to decide is to answer a couple of key questions, the answers to which will reveal exactly which table would be best suited for your home.

What Games Do I Enjoy the Most? 

Although it may sound obvious, the most influential factor in picking a multi-games table is the type of games that it actually offers.

While many include a basic pool table, for example, products like our second-placed pick, the MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set, leaves pool out in favor of games like shoot-out basketball and indoor archery.

So, if you’re a pool fan, you’ll want to leave this out of the running, whereas if you’ve always wanted to shoot some hoops from the comfort of your own home, the MD Sports Table may prove to be a top contender. 

Does it Come With Accessories?

When we first came up with our criteria for determining our top seven multi-game tables, we decided that the inclusion of accessories would be an important ranking factor.

After all, what’s the use of spending so much on a quality game table, only to then have to go out and buy the equipment separately?

It’s for this reason that almost all of our picks come with all of the balls, paddles, cues, darts, and dice you need to play all of the games built into the table.

However, keep in mind that if you go out and research other products of your own, you may find that some lesser-quality tables fail to include certain essentials.

In other words, always check that the table you’re thinking of buying comes fully stocked.

Do I Have Enough Space for a Multi-Game Table? 

Most tables average around 7 feet in length, but you’re going to need much more room than this to comfortably make the most of your new table.

For games like pool, you’ll need at least a few feet of space on either side so that players can move easily around the table to take their shots. With other games like shoot-out basketball, for example, you’re going to need even more space. 

The bottom line: Measure the space you’ll be using for your game table before you buy it and think carefully about whether you really have enough room to enjoy your favorite games. 

Which is the Best Multi-Game Table to Buy?

multi game table

If you’ve read through our buyer’s guide and still aren’t sure which table is worth spending your money on, allow us to wrap things up with a few handy suggestions. 

If you’re looking for one of the best multi-game tables to keep the kids entertained, the Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table is a worthy contender.

It’s small stature means kids of all ages will have no problem getting stuck into the 13 different games, while the quality is substantial enough that you won’t have to worry about equipment breaking when your young ones get a little over-excited.

If you’re an adult looking to replicate the arcade air hockey experience in your home, try out the ESPN Sports Indoor Arcade Gaming Set.

Although it only offers two games, it does both games better than most and is one of the very few multi-game tables on the market that actually offers real air hockey rather than air hockey’s less exciting cousin, push hockey.

Finally, if you want our suggestion for the absolute best multi-game table money can buy, we’d have to give the nod once again to the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Game Table, a full-size, family-friendly table combining pool, push hockey and table tennis that delivers a winning combination of premium quality and endless hours of entertainment. 

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