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7 Up Card Game: Rules & Gameplay

I love getting together with my family and friends and playing card games. It’s our favorite pastime.

However, occasionally, things become stale when it comes to coming up with something new, engaging, and challenging to keep us entertained. So, we agreed to a plan to each find something new and exciting to play every time we get together, and the 7 Up Card Game is a game I recently discovered that went down a storm at our last game night.

I’ve decided to tell you all about the rules and gameplay so that you can enjoy the 7 Up card game too!

7 Up Card Game: An Overview

7 Up card game is a trick-taking game suitable for players of all ages and abilities due to it being super simplistic and needing minimum skill sets to play, Okay so as a group, we usually try to look for more challenging card games such as marriage or poker as a general rule, but 7 Up is super fast-paced. Lots of fun, so it hits the mark as far as I’m concerned.

So, if you’re searching for a new card game to introduce to your family and friends, this is the perfect one, especially as it suits adults and kids of all ages.

The aim of 7 Up is for players to create sequences of cards before discarding them before everyone else.

To play 7 Up, you’ll need to acquire a standard deck of 52 cards. You could use the old deck lying in the back of your cabinet or pick up something new like these groovy yellow submarine-themed cards. I love these!

This game is better off playing with four players or more, that’s how I’ve always done it, and it’s more entertaining the more people there are. However, it can still be just as great with as few as two players

Let’s Play The 7 Up Card Game!

The game begins with a deal, so you must pick one player to be the designated dealer for the first round. After this, the winner or loser of the game can take the dealer’s responsibility for the next round, and so on.

The dealer starts by shuffling the cards. If you’re a pro, you can do that by hand, but if not, check out this guide to some of the best automatic card shufflers. Seven cards are now dealt to each player. It would be best to lay this out in a row before you face down.

The rest of the cards are placed in a pile in the center of the table and will now be known as the draw deck for the rest of the round.

The person sitting to the dealer’s right takes the first turn by flipping over the top card of the draw pile.

Rules & Gameplay

Rules And Gameplay

As I mentioned earlier, the main aim of this game is to create sequences, and only when these sequences have been made can you discard your cards.

Sequences can start from Ace up to seven and be created by replacing a card from your hand with the card drawn from the deck.

Let’s give you an example. When you remove the top card from the draw deck, swap it with a card from your lineup, so let’s say you’ve drawn a three from the deck; you replace the third card from your lineup with the new card. Remember that your cards are face-down, so you have yet to learn what you’ve got.

Now, flip over the card you’ve taken from your row, and flip it over. If the card is between Ace and Seven, you can return it to the sequence and discard the drawn card. However, it can only be discarded if it doesn’t fit into a series.

Your turn continues like this until you reveal an unplayable card or you reveal a duplicate. Now it’s the next player’s turn.

Any card drawn from the pile, which is 8 and above, is unplayable.

How to Win 7 Up Card Game?

Ultimately, the player with an entire sequence, from Ace to Seven, wins the round. The series must run from left to right.

And that’s that, the end of the game. You don’t even need to do any scoring. It’s really that simple.

You could play round after round and see who wins the most sequences after several games. The best of five is always a good shout.


I told you that the 7 Up card game was fast-paced and easy to learn. However, as simple as it might be, this game gets you going and keeps the entire group engaged as they frantically try to discard their cards and form sequences before the rest of the players.

If you like this game, check out other card-shedding and sequence games, such as the 3-Card Brag Game. It will offer you more challenges and requires different skills and strategies.

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