Fancy a Cheap Night Out? Try these Proposition Bets to win Free Drinks

The only thing better than a drink in a pub with your mates is a free drink. Or how about a free night out?

If you fancy going out to the bar for a few but feel a bit strapped for cash, you could try out some classic ways to get free drinks from other patrons.

You may have seen proposition bets on the hit show, The Real Hustle, in the past. On the series, the hustlers very rarely pay for their own drinks. These proposition bets are simple and easy to pay off, and almost always work.

Learn a couple and save some serious spends.

People who know a few life hacks usually end up being fairly well off. Just as bettors know to hunt down free bets at sites like Oddschecker to make savings, or regular flyers know to check rates at sites like Skyscanner, successful pub goers normally have a few tricks up their sleeves.

One of the most simplistic proposition bets you can try out is challenging some unsuspecting drinkers to down a shot without touching the glass.

They must also not allow the two five pence coins balancing on the glass to fall. As shown in the above video, all you have to do is grab the coins and slide them down the side of the glass, down the shot, then slide the coins back up again and drop them in the glass.

Another amusing bet to try is the shot underneath a hat. Place a hat over a shot and claim that you can drink it without touching the hat.

Proceed to pretend to drink it using a straw and then tell the person that you have done it. They won’t believe you obviously, but this is when you can tell them to lift the hat to check.

When they lift it up, quickly drink the shot. This is one of the easiest tricks out there, but has a surprisingly high rate of success.

There are so many cheeky bets like these which could win you a few free drinks next time you’re down at the pub.

Learn a few of them and watch the savings start rolling in. You may even be able to have a free night out from time to time.

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The Dinner Crowd ? ?” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by anokarina

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