Bar Game Gifts for the Holiday Season

There’s more to gift-giving than checking items off a list. But sometimes trying to be thoughtful can lead to overthinking–is the gift good enough? Big enough? Thoughtful enough?

You can be sure the answer is yes by making sure the thought behind the gift counts: it’s not about giving someone a game, but giving you and them a convenient way to have a good time together.

This year, think thoughtful by thinking simple fun: the bar games that bring us together can make the perfect holiday gift for any occasion.

Gifts for Office Holiday Parties

Darts Game for the Office

You know you’re looking forward to standing around in a circle with your work family talking about how grateful you are.

But we all know that gift-giving can get rather complicated during the most wonderful time of the year.

Especially because you know someone is going to bring cookies for everyone. And someone is going to get chocolate for everyone. And someone is going to be a hero and buy a gift for every single person in the office.

harvil tabletop pool tableLet’s be honest, you have to get your co-workers something. All of them. Don’t be a Scrooge.

But let the HR person deal with making a list of co-workers and trying to figure out who’s allergic to fudge, who doesn’t celebrate the holidays… This year, you can be a hero by getting a gift for the whole team.

Whether you’re not sure what to get your secret santa or you’re not sure what to get everyone in the office, a miniature bar game is the perfect way to give something to the entire office and bring the team together. Just unbox and set up a game on a mini pool Table, mini foosball table, even mini shuffleboard table!

Minihorse Magnetic Dartboard
The Minihorse Magnetic Dartboard

Our top choice for office safe bar games: Minihorse-Magnetic Dart Board & Plastic Magnetic Darts.

Darts is often a favorite way to unwind with the gang after hours, so why not bring a little bit of that comradery into the office?

The easy setup makes it a game that can be enjoyed immediately, and for days to come since it mounts well on a wall or bulletin board.

Even if your workplace isn’t necessarily the most fun-loving environment, you can convince your boss to let you keep it by suggesting how the magnetic dart board can be used in meetings.

Whoever hits closest to the bullseye gets to present first, you can use it to demonstrate proximity to your goals… okay even your boss doesn’t want to talk about work? Good, just enjoy the games!

Check out all of our favorite dart games.

Ugly Sweater Swag

Ugly Sweater Party

There’s bound to be someone who loves Bar Games and has an Ugly Sweater Party coming up.

Regardless, it’s cold this winter. So be sure to keep warm and add some of these to their wardrobe for any occasion!

Put it All On The Table: The Gift of the Game Room

Big plans for next year?

Everyone’s got a project, and if yours is a game room of sorts, Bar Games 101 has got you covered for inspiration.

Disclaimer: these gifts aren’t exactly going to fit down the chimney, even if they do ship in more than one box.

Casual Looks

If you’re hoping to get a lot of use out of your tables, especially for that Ugly Sweater Party you’re inviting everyone to, the only question to ask yourself with regards to pool tables is… green or red?

Triumph Santa Fe Billiards Table

For a classic green look and a great table, consider the Triumph 89” Santa Fe Billiard Table.

The red table made by Hathaway Mirage offers a slightly more modern look and a very durable table.

Both tables are approximately 7.5 feet long.

For darts, the Viper Stadium Cabinet offers great value that will fit in any game room. It comes complete with darts, chalkboards, mounting hardware, all encased in a classy softwood cabinet.

If you’re looking for an electronic option with built in games and added features and 01 scoring and handicapping, check out our guide to the best electronic dartboards.

Tornado Sport Full Size Table
Tornado Sport Full Size Table

What’s a game room without a foosball table? The well-constructed, durable Tornado Sport earned its place as our top-rated all-around foosball table. (See the Bar Games 101 guide to the best foosball tables for any budget).

It’s built to last a good amount of game-play and that dark jewel mahogany finish is easy on the eyes

If you’re really looking to add some fun and color to your game room, try out a Dry Erase Party Pong Table.

With a customizable surface and neon lights, this is sure to draw a crowd and it can fold up easily for storage or transport. If you’re shopping for beer pong tables, be sure to get one that gives you a home court advantage!

Tables for Rustic Rooms

Nothing says sophistication like a well-dressed rustic game room. Of course, the pool table comes to mind first and foremost, especially if you’re designing a billiard room.

Harvil Bellagio Pool Table

The Harvil Bellagio is a beauty that belongs in any billiard room. Coming in four colors encased in hand-carved solid wood, you get a nice-looking table that you can also make good use of. Reviewers praise fast delivery and excellent customer service

Not a fan of green felt? Minnesota Fats Covington offers a beautiful camel wool blend cloth that gives this table a unique neutral color. That’s not real wood you’re looking, but it’s a durable table designed for easy setup.

playcraft woodbridge shuffleboard table 9 feet

For an excellent shuffleboard option, pick your favorite color of the Playcraft Woodcraft Shuffleboard table.

These tables are well crafted and sure to look great in any setting–just make sure you have enough hands on deck to assemble because these can get pretty heavy and tough to transport.

Take a look at our piece on billiard room ideas for more inspiration!

Give the Gift of Gaming This Year

Whatever you’re planning on getting for your friends, family, and loved ones, nothing shows appreciation like enjoying a good time together.

Make any and all excuses to bring people over for a foosball tournament, or to meet up at your favorite bar with your most stylish ugly sweater. And who knows? Your boss might actually buy the whole team-building excuse to have a dartboard in the conference room.

In any case you can’t go wrong as long as you’re bringing people together for good times.

We hope this season is full of fun and joy and be sure to stay tuned for more inspiration and games.

Happy holidays from everyone at Bar Games 101!

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