Darts Terms

28 Common Darts Terms You Should Know

Darts is a tough game. It takes a lot of practice to get good. The least you can do is sound like a competent player. Whether you’re playing Cricket, a 301 or 501 league match,...
How to Improve Your Darts Stance

5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Darts Stance

When we throw darts, we’re not usually focused on how our stance will impact our game. But how you stand is a vital part of your overall darts game. If your stance is shaky, inconsistent or...
How to Hold a Pool Stick

How to Hold a Pool Stick: Hand Placement, Grip and Bridge

Want to know how to hold a pool stick? Let’s clear that up for you with some basic tips on hand placement, grip and your bridge. Beginner pool players usually don’t want to waste precious...

How to Practice Foosball Like a Pro: 7 Tips to Elevate Your Game

Want to get better at foosball? Model how the pros practice. It takes time, practice and patience to become a good foosball player. But you can spend countless hours just hammering the ball on the table...
Get Better at Pool Practice Tips

How to Get Better at Pool: 9 Fundamental Practice Tips

If you want to get better at pool, you need to practice . . . the right way It takes a lot of practice to get better at pool. Just like any of the other...
how to get more powerful foosball shots

5 Ways to Boost Your Power in Foosball

Focus on power and the goals will follow. The first time you see an advanced foosball player in action, you may be in awe of how fast they shoot the ball. The ball rips off their...

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