Dartboard maintenance last longer

Dartboard Maintenance: 5 Ways to Make Your Board Last Longer

If you’ve invested in a nice dartboard, you’ll want it to last as long as possible. High quality dartboards are made from premium natural fibers, such as Kenyon sisal, that are designed to withstand countless...
Darts Scoring Fundamentals

Darts Scoring: The Fundamentals

The correct method of darts scoring depends on the game you’re playing. But there certain rules you must follow in all games. Here, we’ll take a look at basic darts scoring rules and how they...
Darts Terms

28 Common Darts Terms You Should Know

Darts is a tough game. It takes a lot of practice to get good. The least you can do is sound like a competent player. Whether you’re playing Cricket, a 301 or 501 league match,...
20 Darts Excuses

20 Darts Excuses to Use When You’re Having an Off Night

Use one of these excuses to explain your poor darts performance at the bar. Having an off night throwing darts at the bar? It’s not because you suck at darts. There must be some other reason,...
How to Improve Your Darts Stance

5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Darts Stance

When we throw darts, we’re not usually focused on how our stance will impact our game. But how you stand is a vital part of your overall darts game. If your stance is shaky, inconsistent or...
Best Steel Tip Darts Guide

The Best Steel Tip Darts: A Buyer’s Guide

A look at the best steel tip darts for beginners, intermediate and expert players. The steel dart industry has come a long way from the original whittled down crossbow bolts of the medieval era. Today you...

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