Billiard Room Ideas: 20 Examples to Inspire Your Design

You may have a pool table at home or in your establishment. But do you have a billiard room?

Many of us dream of creating a special place within our abode that is dedicated to the game of billiards. These areas are not only for playing pool; they often become the social and recreational centerpiece of the house.

If you want include a billiard room in your home or bar and need some design inspiration, we’ve put together a few examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Rustic and Vintage Style Pool Table Rooms

These billiard rooms include rustic pool tables with natural hardwoods and solid bases, farmhouse appeal and/or vintage fixtures and design elements to create a classy and comfortable pool playing environment.

This billiard room designed by Locati Architects embodies what we mean by rustic design: natural wood, stonework, exposed beams, and candle lit chandeliers.


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A nice thick wooden pool table frame with rough edges, dark felt and rustic fixtures makes for the perfect billiard room / kitchen.


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Ben Franklin is watching over you while playing on a classic pool table with leather pockets.


The ornate woodwork, rugs and ceilings make this the perfect billiards environment.


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Rustic wood walls and pool table with a shuffleboard to boot.


Love the brick wall, cathedral ceiling and oriental rugs in this billiard room. The lighting works well too.


Beautiful high ceilings and farmhouse open concept with plenty of modern touches.

Clean and Modern Billiard Room Ideas

These rooms include minimalist design, neutral colors with contrasting dark felt or alternative materials and colors, and a modern and unique pool table as the showpiece. Modern pool tables often include composite materials, stainless steel or glass elements, and decorative accents.


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Here you have a bright blue felt and stainless steel pool table that stands out in a minimalist and modern open space.


Clean and modern with a unique table base design and gray tones.


Black and white contrasts with a transparent base and minimalist design.


Here’s another black and white design.


This is my favorite among the modern designs. This stainless table with a super thin surface works well with the light hardwoods and modern industrial accents.


Here, it’s all about the table. The twisted wooden base and black felt speaks for itself. The rest of the room remains stark and minimal.


This one’s a little too futuristic for my taste. But maybe we’re looking at the billiards room of the future?


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This is a very unique and modern pool room with a monochromatic red look.

Artistic, elegant and colorful pool table rooms

This is the miscellaneous category with billiard and pool rooms that are all about elegance and design. We can all dream a little, right? At the very least, maybe we can steal a few design ideas from the following examples and add them to our own modest space.


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